Yamaha A-S801 Review (2024)

If you are a self-confessed audiophile, the Yamaha A-S801 integrated amp is probably the stuff of your dreams. It is incredibly powerful, offers superior sound quality and also delivers exceptional clarity. So, what about it makes it stand out like so?

For a very long time, Yamaha focused on making amplifiers that were essentially made for stage performances in large auditoria and concerts. It goes without saying that these were very expensive, and it would not have made any sense for a regular home owner to get themselves one. With the introduction of integrated amplifiers that are essentially smaller and more practical, the company decided to make amplifiers for home use. The Yamaha A-S801 is one of these integrated amplifiers, and it is an incredible device for anyone who loves big sound. So, what is it all about, and what makes it so good?

Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amplifier Breakdown and Review

As earlier mentioned, the Yamaha A-S801 amp is an integrated amplifier, meaning that within the same device is both a preamp and a power amp. It is a conveniently sized device that can be easily installed in a home setting, but that is also functional enough to work in a large room to produce big sound that is deep, crisp and clear, and that has beautiful clarity.

Perhaps the most interesting characteristic about this device is the general look and build it presents. It has a beautiful vintage look that combines with a bit of sophistication to make it a pleasantly elegant look. If you are a stickler for symmetry, the dials and buttons will definitely tickle your fancy, especially because of the way they are shaped and so perfectly aligned.

More interesting, however, is just how powerful it actually is. The audio performance is of exceptional quality, especially because the device is made in such a way as to make sure the sound is not distorted. One of the means used by the manufacturers to make sure that the sound produced is of high quality is the use of premium parts. The bottom is made of a double 1mm iron plate that is essential for dampening vibrations produced, keeping the sound clear.

In addition, it comes with multiple heat sinks and a grounding system that make sure that the amplifier works at its optimum range very time, a characteristic that ensures you ed up hearing the best sound every time. You can also regulate the volume with ease using a dial installed in the front panel of the amplifier.

Apart from performance, this device also offers a good deal of connectivity options. With it, you can stream music via Bluetooth, meaning you can listen to music on your phone, laptop or tablet on your speakers for that extra music feel. It also offers a phono stage that allows you to connect your turntable when you want to play vinyl records. Additionally, it lets you connect your TV and Blu Ray disc player.

  • Beautiful vintage design
  • Offers big clear and crisp sound
  • Comes with loads of connectivity options
  • High quality components
  • Can handle two systems at the same time
  • A bit pricey

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Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amplifier Specifications

Model Rotel A11 Tribute
Type Integrated amplifier
Continuous Power Output85W per channel on 8Ω
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.019%
Bluetooth streamingAvailable
Phono stage Available
Dimensions 17.5 x 6 x 15.25 inches
Weight 26.7lb (12.09 Kg)
Key features Digital audio inputs, gold plated terminals, subwoofer terminal, 2 channels, phono stage, custom power transformer, double pated base
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Yamaha A-S801 Features

Design and Build

This amplifier is pretty big, measuring in at 17.5 x 6 x 15.25 inches, which means that it needs quite a bit of space for installation. It essentially has high quality parts that include gold plated terminals, a metallic body that is made to be strong and sturdy, a double plated base for vibration reduction, high quality heats sinks and display panel.

The front panel is fitted with multiple dials and buttons that allow you to change the volume, to control the bass, treble, change the balance, select preferred speakers and change the input type. The back panel comes with all the input and output ports needed.


With this amplifier, you gain access to two channels, each of which produces up to 80 Watts of power on an 8Ω input. This makes it an incredibly loud device that can be used for both home use and large halls. It also offers high precision processing power that allows it to handle loads of audio data at the same time.

The sound in itself is pretty loud and deep, but it also offers a decent amount of clarity so that you can pick out each element with ease. the sound also manages to stay pretty warm and lively, a characteristic that not many devices are able to pull off.


The Yamaha also offers a myriad of connectivity options that include digital input and output for TV and Blu Ray, a subwoofer terminal, three speaker terminals, USB ports, Phono MM terminal and a power port.

You also gain access to Bluetooth connectivity.

Who is it best suited for?

This device is best suited for people who like to hear big sounds every time they watch a movie or listen to music. It also proves excellent for people who like to entertain a lot and have loud music when they do so.

Are there alternatives to the Yamaha A-S801 amplifier?

Yes, there are. you can also use the Cambridge CXA81 Stereo, McIntosh Labs MA5200, and Marantz PM7000N which come with equally impressive features and incredible sound.

Features of alternative integrated amplifiers

Model Cambridge CXA81 StereoMcIntosh Labs MA5200Marantz PM7000N
Power80 Watts in 8Ω100 Watts in 8Ω60 Watts in 8Ω
Channels2 channels2 channels2 channels
Key featuresToroidal power transformer, simple build, Bluetooth connectivity, phono stageLarge power transformer, USB inputs, filter capacitors, Bluetooth connectivity, phono stageWi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility, Apple Airplay 2, multi room audio, type A USB
AvailabilityCheck Price HereCheck Price HereCheck Price Here

Verdict: So, should you buy the Yamaha A-S801?

You definitely should. This device packs quite the heavy punch, and it comes with many digital inputs and outputs that make it easy to use and very versatile. It is well worth the money.


Does the Yamaha A-S801 come with a phono stage?

Yes, it does. You can play your vinyl discs n your turn table with this device.

Can you operate the Yamaha A-S801 via remote?

Yes, you can. It is remote control enabled and comes with its own control device that lets you control it from the comfort of your couch.

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