Planet Audio 1500 Amp Review (2024)

Nowadays, most modern cars come with a stereo system, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade it to the one you want. There’s nothing better than cruising on the road with your favorite music playing in the background. The good news is there are plenty of cost-effective ways you can upgrade your car’s stereo system.

Whether you want to add some real bass or have a better sound quality in your stereo, an amplifier will be the best option to bring the most out of car speakers. A while back, I bought my first car, but the stereo system didn’t have the best sound quality. A friend recommended that I try the planet audio 1500 watt amplifier. I took my car to the repair shop for an upgrade and I could immediately notice the change in the sound quality.

Planet Audio 1500 Amp Breakdown and Review

This 1500 watts monoblock car amplifier provides a maximum power of 2 ohms, can comfortably power speakers and sub-hoofers with all channels using the same power, or power output of 750 watts at 4 ohms into one channel. This unit is very impressive with its high-level input and low-level input something you’ll not see in many models. It also features a low-pass crossover and variable bass boost.

It also comes with an electronic circuit to help in eliminating the very high and very low frequencies and help the unit accept the right signals. For your sub-hoofer to connect, there should be no inappropriate frequencies. You can easily adjust the bass with the help of the switchable bass boost while the switchable input sensitivity allows you to easily connect the unit to any standard source so you can control the volume. When you feel like your unit has a bit of high gain, the gain control will be very handy to let you balance the unit’s output with the speakers to avoid distortion.

  • A good amp for the price
  • Use the bass control switch to adjust the bass
  • Easy to install
  • Loud and clear sound
  • After some time the fuse slot brakes
  • Faulty left side and protection is on all the time

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Planet Audio 1500 Specifications

Amplifier classAB
Number of channels1 – Mono
Max. power1500 watts
RMS power563 watts x 1 channel for 2 ohms, 125 watts x 1 channel for 4 ohms
Signal to noise ratio102 dB
Bass boost0-18 dB
Bass and gain remote controlYes
Low-pass crossover frequency45 – 90 Hz
Built-in crossoverLow-pass
Warranties6 years parts, 6 years labor
AvailabilityCheck Price Here

High and low-level inputs

The Planet Audio 1500 Amp has both high and low-level inputs that give you the freedom to use any standard factory or third-party source unit to build your own sound system. The high-level input will accept the signals coming from your speakers while the low-level input will accept the pre-amp signals from other units.


This stands for metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor that you can use either as a switch or amplify a signal. This metal oxide semiconductor is more superior to other field-effect transistors because it needs less current to operate which makes it perfect for operating your car audio system.

Switchable input sensitivity

The input sensitivity switch allows you to connect your amp to any other source unit that is within range to properly match the output of the source unit. This will allow you to easily adjust the volume on your amp depending on how loud or soft you want your music to be.

Variable gain control

This comes with an easy adjustment of the bass so whenever you feel like there’s a bit of a high gain, the gain control will come in very handy by allowing you to balance the amp output with that of your speakers. If there’s too much gain, it will lead to a distortion in the sound of your music and if there’s inadequate gain, it will prevent any clipping from happening.

Who is it best suited for?

This is a car amplifier that is perfect for any car owner who wants a cost-effective upgrade on the car stereo. This will give you better sound quality and incredible bass. If you’re planning on adding a sub-hoofer to your car, you’ll need to add an aftermarket amplifier.

Are there alternatives to the Planet Audio 1500 Amp?

Yes, there are. Many car audio brands provide quality car amplifiers that will increase the sound quality inside your car. Instead of using the Planet audio 1500 amp, you can also buy the Planet audio AC2600.2 2 channel car amplifier, Boss audio systems R1100M, and the Boss audio systems R1100M.

Features of the alternative car amplifiers

ModelPlanet Audio AC2600Boss Audio Systems R1100MBOSS Audio Systems AR4000D
Speaker typeSubwooferSubwooferSubwoofer
Max power output1300 W x 2 channels for 2 ohm

650 W x 2 channels for 4 ohm

1100 W x 1 channel for 2 ohm

825 W x 1 channel for 2 ohm

4000 W x 1 channel for 1 ohm

2000 W x 1 channel for 2 ohm

Low pass filterVariableVariableVariable
High pass filterVariableVariableNo
InputsHigh and low levelHigh and low levelLow level
Subsonic filterNoVariable
Remote subwoofer controlYesYesYes
AvailabilityCheck price hereCheck price hereCheck price here

Verdict. So, should you buy the Planet Audio 1500 Amp?

Yes, you should. With this car amplifier, you can improve the audio system in your car because it allows you to customize and control your car stereo sound. It’s an affordable car amplifier that will add some serious bump to your trunk.


Should I use Bass boost on my amp?

Bass boost can be very effective if set correctly. The main reason for using Bass boost is to get some more kick from your subwoofer, so if you turn it up, turn the gain down.

Do ohms affect the sound quality in my amp?

No, ohms doesn’t relate to sound quality. It’s the amount of energy an amplifier can transfer from its circuitry to your car speakers.

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