NAD D 3020 Review (2024)

As a sound equipment, it is a very flexible, user-friendly, and energy-efficient amplifier. For those who are not very familiar with the NAD product line, it has maintained a good reputation in the “impressive sound device products” category, since 30 years ago.

NAD D 3020 Review & Breakdown

NAD D 3020 is the reinvention of the classic NAD amplifier. It employs all of the breakthrough engineering of NAD electronics.

One of the key features of this latest innovation is that it has its own quality headphone amplifier, and a very high-quality volume as well. It is a very forward-thinking design. Some critics declare NAD D 3020 as a small box of audio equipment with neat tricks packed into it since it doesn’t look like your traditional stereo amplifier.

In unboxing the product, you can see the elegant and catchy design that makes it already attractive to the buyer even before using it. The power cord is a 3-pin design. The remote control is contoured for comfortable usage. Inside a velvety container is the main device itself that can easily be configured.

Upon first glance, anyone can easily tell that it is truly a sleek-looking piece of equipment. It stands at just 2.3 inches tall, and you can either have it lying flat, or have it turned up on its side.

What we liked
  • Sleek and compact
  • Lightweight
  • Consumes lesser power
What we didn’t like
  • Expensive
  • Remote control has black labels

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NAD D 3020 Specifications

Description Specifications
Dimensions (inches)8.6 x 7.4 x 2.3 inches
Weight3.05 pounds
TypeIntegrated Amplifier
Number of Channels2
AvailabilityCheck Price Here

NAD D 3020 Features

There are no directly visible buttons. But when you power it up, it will display the control panel via a series of LED, conveying white letterings. On the side, there are 2 touch-sensitive buttons for selecting inputs and for the power itself. It might not be an ideal location for a power button, but it won’t prove to be a hassle for the user since the remote will be used anyway.

The impressive aspect of NAD D 3020 is that if you want to use the stereo setup, instead of surround sound, the small box can totally replace a full-sized AV receiver. When paring it up with your TV, both of them will be pleasant pieces of objects to behold.

In contrast to most common sound amplifiers, the remote control is appropriately sized, which makes it very comfortable to hold. The only evident problem for the remote is that the labels are the same color as the remote itself, which might make it a bit difficult to read, especially when the lights are dimmed in the room.

But one advantage of the device is that you can turn on the amp via the remote, which is a feature that most amps do not have. At the back, you can see the audio input interface that includes 2 digital inputs, 1 analog input, and one “mix use” port that can be used for either analog input or optical input, provided that you have the right adapter cable. That’s more than enough of connectivity features considering that the NAD D 3020 is a very small electronic device for your living room.

NAD also has a built-in Bluetooth that supports a much better audio output of the app X codec, – a feature also present in other digital devices. This means that NAD can be used as well in streaming audio from nearly any mobile device you could think of.

It also features a port for a dedicated subwoofer at the back, which enables it to work with other standard similar devices. The presence of a USB port at the back is also very noticeable, which allows you to plug devices with USB cables, as well as storage devices that contain media on them such as music and videos, or even connect it to a computer directly.

The built-in codecs of NAD D 3020 support the playing of high-definition media, which should impress any typical listener as well as those highly meticulous ones. It can project natural sounds with better definition and clarity compared to other similar products.

What Is It Best Suited for?

The fact that NAD D 3020 is one of the smallest amplifiers you can ever come across makes it a very ideal sound equipment for small living rooms as well as for any vicinity with very limited spaces. It is also perfect for those “on-the-go” types of people who want to make their existing heavy musical equipment less bulky.

Alternatives for NAD D 3020

NAD D 3020 is one of the very best of its kind, but nothing would ever be declared as the best if it has no competitors. Should you decide to check out other products, the Marantz PM6007 is one product you should strongly consider. It is capable of producing a smooth, full-bodied, and balanced sound as a hi-fi amplifier.

Another amp worth checking out is the Cambridge Audio CXA81. With its amplification of sound that speaks of boldness and power, it has set a new set of standards pertaining to the way modern digital amplifiers are perceived by the masses today.

The Fender Champion 20 is also something to consider. It has a magnet phono stage that makes it very responsive in playing music, as well as in issuing commands into its console. It boasts of an immaculately configured wiring that makes it very elegant even in its less-visible inside parts.

Features of Alternative Amplifiers

Model Marantz PM6007Cambridge Audio CXA81Fender Champion 20
Dimensions (inches)16 x 12 x 1614.56 x 16.93 x 4.516 x 12 x 16
Power 2x45Wwatts2×80 Watts20 Watts
Availability Check Price HereCheck Price HereCheck Price Here


The only major downside to NAD 3020 is the price. Any typical user would surely consider $500 to be too expensive, especially when it is compared to other similar-sounding devices, though most of these would appear way bigger than the NAD.

But for such a price, what you’re basically paying for is the compactness and simplicity of the device. For something so sleek and handy, we can say that it is a worthwhile investment. It is an excellent choice for buyers who do not want the hassles given by a full-sized AV receiver and don’t need surround sound.

If you believe that a compact, integrated amplifier is the right choice for your living room, the NAD 3020 is definitely the right one to purchase. With a sleek design, a great set of features, and excellent sound quality, it can be the ultimate sound equipment that can transform your living room into a truly immersive home theater.


Is NAD D 3020 suitable for touring bands?

Yes, it is perfect for touring musicians who hate the idea of compromising the sound quality they can produce due to the limited lightweight equipment that they can carry as they travel.

What are the other ideal uses for NAD D 3020?

For those who want to build their home music studios without consuming too much space, this latest release from NAD is also an excellent addition to their gear because it can produce the same power that those massive amplifiers produce at just a very small and compact size.

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