JL Audio Monoblock RD500/1 Review

Is JL audio monoblock RD500/1 a good choice for improving the sound quality of your stock radio speakers?

How many times have you been in a situation where you are not satisfied with the sound of your car stereo? Or in a situation where you are really disappointed in the sound quality of a car you are being driven in?

If you are looking to help yourself or your friend with this problem, keep on reading, as this product may solve the issue that has been the plight of many car lovers. Enjoy the review!

JL Audio Monoblock RD500/1 Review and Breakdown

The JL Audio Monoblock RD500/1 is a product by JL Audio set on improving the audio output of your vehicle. JL Audio has been in the audio market since the 1970s and has also been one of the major players in consumer audio products, so there is no need to have any worries about the quality of this product. JL’s RD500/1 amplifier offers excellent performance at an accessible price point, while also offering significantly better performance and user-friendliness when compared to other similar products. The main job of this product is to power your car’s subwoofer and make the music freely and truly roar, without the loss of fidelity.

This model is built on JL Audio’s Class D switching technology, which helps the amplifier in performing better and staying cool, no matter how long they have been running. The exterior of the JL’s monoblock RD500/1 is a beautiful black rectangle made of aluminum alloy, thus providing a good protective exterior for the sensitive interior, in addition to being a heatsink. Learning from some of the user-unfriendly characteristics other amplifiers have made, this monoblock amplifier has all the connections on one side of the device, with the controls being on the top of it, further protected by a gasket cover.

As for the performance, the device has three modes. The usual 12-Volt trigger, which helps in seamless power up and standby procedures, signal sensing mode, which helps the inner circuit turn on the main power as soon as the signal is applied, and DC offset, which helps with avoiding the sources of distortion, clicks, or any other reasons for loss of volume.

However, the new feature of the RD500/1 is the output clipping indicator that makes setting input levels easier.

Additionally, bridging channel pairs is easier. There is no need for Y adaptors anymore, as there are switches that will do the work in an instant.

This model also offers all the options you would need, such as a low-pass filter, an EQ boost, and a port for the RBC-1 controller, used for controlling the subwoofer level. The RD500/1 are 500W models at 2 ohms, armed with the NextD switching amp technology, class D design features, differential-balanced inputs that help in noise elimination, variable low-pass filter at 50-50Hz, variable bass boost at 0-12dB, and LED lights and the total output power of the amplifier is 1000 watts.

Another fascinating characteristic of the RD500/1 is the in-house technology called NexDTM Switching Technology. This allows the signal coming to the subwoofer to be as clean as possible, thus allowing the sound to come out without any distortion, being as pure as possible.

The JL Audio monoblock RD500/1 amplifier is specifically praised for its ease of installation, which was a problem in the past for this and many other brands. Thankfully, the RD series has been made to make the job easier for installers and customers alike. This amplifier is an excellent addition to the series and a great way to improve your car stereo quality of sound.

What we liked
  • Sturdy
  • Great Performance
  • Stays Cool
  • Affordable
What we didn’t like
  • RBC-1 sold separately
  • Remote Control not included

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JL Audio Monoblock RD500/1 Specifications

Dimensions 2.13 x 9.78 x 6.96 in
Fuse Rating50 A (AFS, AGU or MaxiFuse™)
Frequency Response7 Hz – 500 Hz (+0, -1dB)
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JL Audio Monoblock RD500/1 Features


The sleek black color and the sturdy shell will look good in any type of car. Additionally, the aluminum alloy provides JL Audio monoblock with a lighter feel and not at the expense of interior security.

NexD Switching Technology

The JL Audio proprietary technology, the NexDTM Switching helps in canceling the distortion at various ranges. This means that the sound coming out will be the cleanest possible, as the signal going to your subwoofer will have a clear way, thus disabling chances for distortion.

Easy Installing

The RD models are constructed with the mind of being easy to install. All connections are on one side of the amplifier, the same goes for controls. There is no need for special tools, everything is marked for better understanding, giving you full freedom to install it yourself.

Who Is It Best Suited For?

JL Audio monoblock RD500/1 is suitable for both consumers and professional installers. Consumers will love the sleek look and definitely the performance of the amplifier itself. The professional installers might hate that some consumers will be able to install the device themselves, however, when someone hires them to do the job, they will not have any problems or hitches while installing the amplifier. The goal is for everyone to be satisfied and happy with the product, which has been definitely achieved with the RD500/1 model.


Each and every one of us has either owned or been in a car with a weak stereo. Most of us have skipped or heavily avoided buying car amplifiers due to the fact that they do not come cheap and can be difficult to install.

Thankfully, JL Audio has offered a solution in their monoblock RD series, particularly the powerful RD500/1. Easy to install, great performance, and avoiding an eyesore look are just some of the things that make the JL Audio Monoblock RD500/1 amplifier an excellent choice for your needs.


JL Audio Monoblock RD500/1 looks large in the pictures, will it fit into my car?

JL Audio has constructed this one with the ability to fit in as many cars as possible. The dimensions of the device are 6.96 x 9.78 x 2.13 inches (depth x width x height), so it should be able to fit anywhere.

Is JL Audio Monoblock RD500/1 a good bang for my buck and how long am I covered by warranty?

The JL Audio RD500/1 model is a really great amplifier for the price. It offers an excellent boost for your car and the price is around 400 dollars, which is pretty low, as some other amplifiers that cost a lot more do not offer such sound fidelity. The usual warranty covers 2 years after purchase, so you will definitely make a good investment if you decide to buy this product.

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