How to Connect Equalizer to Amplifier

Connecting an equalizer to an amplifier requires skill and knowledge. You can get it done by connecting the RCA cables from one input to another output of the two devices: read on to find out more.

Back in the day, when you would want a better-sounding audio system, equalizers were the go-to option. Over time, its necessity has been compromised. However, whether it is for your home or car, we can agree on the difference an amplifier brings. The technic and skill that goes into getting it done might convince you to get a professional to get the job done. Worry less; the review below will inform you of simple steps you can take to make a connection between an amplifier and an equalizer. Also, read on to find out how to connect an integrated amplifier to a car and how to connect a graphic visualizer.

How to connect an equalizer to an integrated amplifier

There are many options for connecting a balance to an amplifier. When you get mismatched connections, it may result in undesirable sounds. You can have many components connecting to your audio system to create good sound output.

You must follow specific steps to connect the equalizer to the amplifier successfully. Here is a breakdown of what you will need to do.

Step One

The first step is figuring out your system’s audio cables and ports. Find out how many ports are present and whether you have the wires going in each. You can get all the right connections, especially if you have a DVD or CD player as the only audio source.

Step Two

Ensure the cables are lengthy, which will help place the equalizer on the rack. The next step is connecting one RCA cable with the graphic equalizer’s input to the source component.

Step Three

Now that you have connected one pair of RCA cables, you are left with one. Use the second pair of RCA cables to connect the integrated amplifier and your equalizer. Connect the preamp integrated amplifier input to the equalizer’s output.

Step Four

If you have other components, make the necessary connections following the above three steps.

Step Five

In the last step, use one RCA cable to connect the equalizer’s input to the preamp amplifier’s output. The other RCA cables should connect the amplifier’s input to the equalizer’s output.

How to connect an integrated amplifier to a car

Your car might have an unpleasing sound which you wish improved. You can have your car’s audio sound better once you connect it to an equalizer and amplifier. An amplifier helps with volume control, while an equalizer will monitor the output’s frequency.

Follow the steps listed above, however, start with identifying how many components’ connections you will make to your car. Proceed using one cable, and connect the amplifier’s output to the equalizer’s input.

Connect the amplifier’s input to the equalizer’s output using another cable. If you find these steps difficult, consider getting assistance from a professional.

How to connect a graphic equalizer

You may wish to include a graphic equalizer as an inclusive of your stereo system. With his device, your room’s acoustics are tailored to fit the receiver’s output. Here is how to go about it.

The first step is examining your receiver. Ensure your graphic equalizer can connect with the receiver’s loop or monitor. Without this, you cannot use the graphic equalizer. After confirmation, connect the receiver’s tape-out ports to the RCA cords.

The next step is performing a similar action to the audio-in jacks. Do a replica of the previous two phases with the left RCA patch cords. What is next is powering the equalizer’s cable to an outlet of 120 volts.

Lastly, turn on the receiver and equalizer. Turn on your receiver’s tape monitor switch and customize your graphic equalizer how best you desire.


From the detailed write-up, we have covered the process of connecting an amplifier to an equalizer. The simple steps listed will have an improvement on your audio’s sound. These days a car’s sound is one of the looked-out for features; therefore, we found it vital also to highlight how you can connect an amplifier to a car. In addition, we have looked at how you can set up a graphic equalizer which is a good feature for audio enthusiasts. The connections are possible with a preamp, in the presence or absence of a receiver.


Is an amplifier necessary when connecting a car equalizer?

No, it is not a must for an amplifier to be installed in the car while installing an equalizer. Installing a car equalizer can be done entirely on its own.

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