Hooking Two Amps with One RCA Jack – (3 Ways)

The wiring procedure in an amplifier is complex, to say the least, especially if you’re working with a manufacturer-produced stereo. With numerous amplifiers in the mix, the problem only gets more complicated. You can wire two or even more amplifiers in a audio system, but this requires extra forethought.

On the other hand, RCA cables are popular because they provide a quick and easy way to connect two amplifiers. As a result, connecting two amplifiers to one RCA jack allows you to attach additional speakers to your speaker system and boost its overall audio quality. Using RCA cables is a practical way to link two amps. By separating one RCA jack, you can join a couple of amps.

In this article, we’ll go through three methods for attaching two amplifiers to a single RCA jack: Daisy Chaining, RCA Splitting, and Line Output Conversion. But first, let’s discuss the equipment necessary for this procedure.

What You Will Need

You need the following equipment to establish the connection you need between two amplifiers and a single RCA jack:

RCA Plugs

The right and left channels of RCA connections are red for the right track and white for the left channel, and they carry video and audio information. Its color assists you in making the correct connections between the amp and the RCA jack.


To prevent wasting time and making mistakes while connecting two amplifiers to one RCA connection, ensure that you prepare good amplifiers. You can pick between a small signal amp and a powerful signal amplifier according to your convenience and needs.

The first uses the common-emitter system, which converts DC to AC power. Meanwhile, a large signal amp has a Common Base configuration and amplifies signals with a high input voltage. With a single RCA jack, the amp type you choose directly impacts the style of sound you get when you connect the amps.

Line output converter

You may additionally require a line output converter in some circumstances. They are used to transform high-voltage signals into signals used in RCA preamps.

Steps in Connecting Two Amps Using a Single RCA Jack

RCA Splitting

When connecting two amps using a single RCA connector, RCA splitting using an RCA separator cable is the easiest and most cost-effective way to go.

Aside from the fact that these cables separate a single signal into two, there are a few other advantages to using them, and we have to keep this in mind.

Step 1: The first step is to carefully set up the amplifiers with single RCA output. There should be a single RCA output jack for each.

Step 2: Disconnect the white and red plugs. Inspect to make sure your amp’s RCA jack has the red and white male plugs plugged in it. Remove them if this is the case. If not, leave it as is.

Step 3: Connect the RCA Splitter Cables. Inspect the working condition of the RCA jack. Clean up any dirt before plugging into the splitter wire.

Step 4: Connect the amps to the power supply and start playing. You’ll have two sets of red and white male connectors to connect your two amplifiers after you’ve joined the splitter wires. Clicking white and red male connectors to the two amps can then solve the problem by clicking these white and red male connectors!

Step 5: If you’ve followed the simple instructions above, you should have the highest sound quality possible from the sound system. To achieve the desired effect, you must select equipment that is appropriate for your purposes. Switch on your audio system when you’ve made the connection. Inspect your connection’s quality and if you’ve followed the instructions above. Check if you discover a problem. If you need something different, you can switch to a different technique.

Daisy Chaining

A daisy chain connection is another simple technique to connect two amplifiers to one RCA port. Because of its ease and security, this type of connection is trendy.

Step 1: As usual, set up your RCA-jack amplifiers with one output.

Step 2: Empty the output and input jacks of the amps that will be attached.

Step 3: Y-splitter should connect the RCA jack to the Y splitter. Eventually, you’ll have a link that looks like a branch sprouting from the base.

Step 4: Make an RCA connection between the two amps by connecting the first amp’s input jack with the Y splitter wire to the end of the splitter wire. Make a connection between the splitter’s next stop and the same amplifier’s output as well. Attach the second amp to the male plug wire and turn it on.

Step 5: The first technique showed that if you make an error in the setup or choose incorrect connections, your sound system may fail to work. Using the same testing method mentioned above, you can ensure that you have done a terrific job. With a single RCA jack, you may still connect two amps more conveniently and securely. There’s no harm in trying it if you think it’s required.

Line Output Conversion

You will expect more generations of RCA jacks from the input at a high level. It works with any system that has one RCA jack or none.

An output converter converts the output and adds more RCA jacks (LOC). For example, if you’re using an amp, this device can get a high-voltage signal converted to RCA pre-amplifier level signals. Line output conversion uses High-voltage resistors. An RCA jack outputs this gadget. Take the following two steps to complete the next task.

Step 1: Attach any head unit’s output to the line output converter.

Step 2: Remember that the line output converter might allow you to use more amps by providing a second RCA connection. You can generate three RCA jacks by using splitter cables to split the connector into two. A-Line output converter can create a CRA jack.

You can execute those methods to hook two amps with one RCA jack. You can choose between them according to your convenience and needs! The two most common methods for connecting two amplifiers to one or more RCA jacks are splitter cables and line output converters. It’s crucial since you may want to connect numerous speakers to your amp simultaneously.

All you need is the equipment we’ve mentioned, as well as the information we’ve provided on how to connect the devices in the safest and most straightforward method possible. We hope that this advice will make connecting two or more amps to a single RCA jack easier.


Is it true that RCA splitters degrade the quality of sound?

Nope. It should not be a problem if you connected RCA wires to a sound card’s line-out. The current is tiny, and the input impedance is roughly 50k Ohm. It has no bearing on the quality in a sense.

Is it possible to connect two amps to the same cable?

A power distribution block is the best technique to connect multiple amps to a single power wire; this allows you to connect to each amplifier with only one cable and then connect to each amplifier with different lines that are shorter.

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