Denon PMA 800NE Review (2024)

If you are interested in a high-quality amplifier with analog and digital support, Denon’s PMA 800 NE could be your go-to option. Here’s a detailed review to explore this integrated amplifier.

Denon is well known for embracing modern technology in its integrated amplifier series, but it also makes dependable and well-built gear that will withstand the test of time. Unlike my 10-year-old ARV 4308CL, the PMA 800NE delivers convenience and compatibility for modern audio needs. The PMA 800NE offers operational stability and extensive connection options with tonal balance control for high quality sound. It combined multiple components while still maintaining the look and feel of traditional hi-fi equipment. Here’s why the Denon PMA 800NE could be the right integrated amplifier for your needs.

Denon PMA 800NE Review and Breakdown

The PMA 800NE integrated amplifier delivers impeccable precision thanks to its streamlined components and internal build. It will balance power and quality of output accurately, ensuring you can enjoy your sound without missing out on the details.

Like other modern amplifier options, the model offers extensive connection options which make it an ideal fit for your home theatre. It will work well with your audio sources such as CD players, turntables, TVs and headphones. It also supports Bluetooth for enhanced ease of use outdoors.

The Denon PMA 800NE looks and feels like an old school amplifier, thanks to its classic design and build. However, it incorporates modern technology and aspects for enhanced convenience in its use. Unlike the traditional amplifier option, it is specifically built for pristine sound with convenient add-ons for minimal vibration. It also features multiple connectivity options as listed above for enhanced convenience in its use. This model will support both digital and analog audio, making it a great fit for old school music sources.

The amplifier looks as good as it works. It offers a solid and quality build, clean aesthetics and impressive sound. Even though it lacks a digital panel for increased ease of interaction, it is designed to look great while delivering high quality sound.

  • Features analog mode for better performance with analog sources and signal
  • Supports up to three optical digital inputs
  • Offers built phono pre-amp and DAC
  • Offers stereo RCA signal outputs for recording
  • Microprocessor stop mode switches off player when not in use
  • Well suited for high quality sound output
  • Not the best AC cord and binding posts
  • No HDMI capability

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Denon PMA 800NE Specifications

Built in phono stageYes
Range85W in 4 ohm and 50W in 8 ohm
Inputs4 digital, 4 RCA and 1 phono inputs
Analog modeYes
Weight16.54 pounds
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Denon PMA 800NE Features


The Denon PMA 800NE is designed for versatile use. It is a convenient amplifier that supports multiple connections across different platforms. The unit features an analog mode which enables the PMA 800NE to act purely as an analog amplifier. This disables the coaxial digital inputs and optical digital inputs on the amplifier. It is designed to disable the digital circuitry, which lowers the risk of interference and allows greater clarity and highly detailed production.

It also supports MM and MC cartridges in its phono equalizer which improves the quality of sound. Unlike other amplifier options, the Denon PMA 800NE also supports a Micro-Processor Stop mode which automatically stops all operations of the micro-processor when unused. It will enhance the already high-quality sound output by completely reducing noise potential during output.

Vibration-resistant chassis

Vibration can be problematic for amplifiers, with many high-quality options impacted by their inability to manage this type of interference. That said, Denon’s lasting high quality offers design integrity and aesthetics in this model for enhanced sound quality.

The Denon PMA 800NE is designed for lower risk of interference by vibration thanks to its resistant design. Like other models, it features a large power transformer which offers the greatest amount of vibration. This model is fitted with a 1.6mm-thick steel plate to suppress external and internal vibration. As a result, it offers pristine sound with very low interference.

Conveniently compatible

Denon PMA 800NE features three optical inputs alongside coaxial digital inputs which support up to 24bit/192KHz PCM. Its digital inputs are designed for optimal performance with Blu-Ray, TVs, media players and other digital sources. They are designed for high resolution output, and combine with the low vibration build to deliver impressive sound quality. The unit works well with turntables and headphones, as well as line-level recorder outputs. It also offers analog support and is enhanced for minimal interference from your analog audio sources. Like most modern options, it also offers Bluetooth connectivity and is well suited for outdoors use.


The PMA 800NE is a powerful option which delivers up to 85 watts in 4-ohm speakers and 50 watts in 8ohm channels. It is designed for precision and pristine sound thanks to the Advanced High Current (AHC) single push-pull power amp which balances the details and power accurately. While its soundstage is not as wide as other industry leading options, it sets the bar for quality of sound and clarity of content.

Who is it best suited for?

The Denon PMA 800NE is designed for high quality sound output and several modes for convenient use. It is a great choice to enjoy analog sources with, which makes it well suited for music fans that are intent on enjoying a traditional feel. The model also supports extensive connection options, which makes it a leading choice for the average home theatre. It will deliver the ultimate audio experience thanks to its high-quality output, making it a leading option for people interested in a versatile 85Watt integrated amplifier.

Are there any alternatives to the Denon PMA 800NE?

Yes. It Is possible to find amplifiers that are designed for high quality output, balance detail and power accurately, offers design integrity and aesthetics and enhances sound quality. You can replace the Denon PMA 800NE with Onkyo A-9150, Marantz PM6007, and the Audiolab 6000A.

Features of alternative amplifier models

ModelOnkyo A-9150Marantz PM6007Audiolab 6000A
Output60 Watts45 Watts100 Watts
Digital panelNoNoYes
FeaturesDiscrete Spectra module for immersive staging, DIDRC filter, ultra-efficient circuitry, convenient compatibilityStreamlined controls, convenient compatibilityStreamlined rotary controls, Wide soundstage, built in phono, ultra efficient circuitry, convenient compatibility
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Verdict: So, should you buy the Denon PMA 800NE?

The Denon PMA 800NE amplifier is designed for precise pristine sound, which makes it an ideal addition to your entertainment center. It delivers audio with impressive precision and supports multiple connection possibilities for added convenience. The PMA 800NE guarantees the ultimate audio experience with tonal balance controls and various features in a sleek vibration-resistant design.


Can you use your headphones without shutting down the speaker?

No, you cannot. The speaker will not remain active simultaneously.

Can I set up my amplifier for Bluetooth reception and a 4k HDTV pass through?

Unfortunately, no. The model offers no Bluetooth or HDMI capabilities. It only offers coaxial and optical digital inputs.

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