Bugera V5 Review (2024)

Do you know what is coming back in a big way? It’s no longer a secret that tube amplifiers are returning to the music industry with a bang. One product that should be near the top of your list is the Bugera Infinium line of tube amps.

Bugera V5 Review and Breakdown

Over the last several years, there has been a significant rise in using tube apps for performances. While jamming on a valve box of their own, those who claimed that solid-state technology would render tubes obsolete are probably eating their words right now.

Over the last several years, there has been a significant rise in using tube apps for performances. While jamming on a valve box of their own, those who claimed that solid-state technology would render tubes obsolete are probably eating their words right now.

You have two broad categories of tube amplifiers (mini combos and full-size stacks), just like it was many decades ago. Tubes were always the standard for stage use, so the former kept evolving without a moment of pause.

Small practice amps have been topping bestseller lists all over the place and have seen an unprecedented boom in popularity over the last few years. It’s now possible to build a relatively affordable tube amp that people want to own for everyday use because manufacturing costs have significantly decreased.

Bugera is one brand that took full advantage of this current situation. The company manufactured a family of smaller, awesomely powered tube amps for masses. In today’s article, we will review one and show you some alternatives.

What we liked
  • Powerful everyday speaker
  • Affordable
  • Simple controls
  • Excellent performance for the size
  • Fantastic attenuation switch
What we didn’t like
  • It can be challenging to repair if it breaks
  • Require external speakers for higher quality sound
  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing model on the market

With the details above, you can see that the Bugera V5 is a model that doesn’t have many disadvantages for its price. Now, it’s time for us to delve a little deeper into this product and reveal some of its features.

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Bugera V5 Specifications

Description Specifications
Dimensions (inches)16.9 x 13.2 x 3.3 inches
Weight22 lbs.
Number of Channels1
Total Power5W Class A (5W/1W/0.1W settings)
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Bugera V5 Features

A single EL84 in the Class-A power stage and a 12 AX17 in the preamp stage are two of the primary features of the Bugera V5 amp. A 5-watt combo amplifier, such as this one, only requires that tube combo because it has more than enough power.

When you first check out this amp, you may think that it looks or offers nothing different from what most other brands provide. That is so far from the truth, so let us explain why this is not true.

Ensuring that power surges do not destroy the tubes, they are protected with the Infinium tube life multiplier technology. This technology carefully conditions the electrical current, saving the line even under powerful surges or electricity cuts.

Thanks to this added engineering, tubes will last up to 20 times longer.

A genius power attenuator switch is one of the V5’s primary features, and it is loved by everyone who uses it. You can set the output to 0.2 Watts or cut the power down to 5 Watts or 1 Watt if you wish to do so.

We will get to this bit later, but it’s good to mention that this type of flexibility opens a whole new spectrum of applications.

When in full power mode, it’s easy to exceed the British-made Turbosound speaker’s capacity and get some oversaturation. However, if you want to introduce a gentle breakup for single-coil picks, the input gain is perfect for performing that function.

Plug this amp into a guitar with a humbucker and set the dial to the 1-Watt mode for a more bluesy clean tone.

Here is some quick insight regarding the Bugera V5 speaker. Many years ago, the speaker came as a cheaper version and didn’t have the same technology as this Turbosound speaker. The tube sound durability and quality on these speakers are outstanding now that they come with an upgraded 8-inch speaker.

If you are concerned about control, there is more or less what you would expect to find on a conventional practice unit. You get the volume reverb knobs, tone knob, gain knob combined with the off/on switch. Reverb, volume, and gain are self-explanatory functions; tone control is a decent tool to shape your tone.

What’s great about this amp is the headphone jack that allows you to practice silently while in a crowded dorm room.

Who Is Best Suited For?

The Bugera V5 is best suited for guitar or other musical instruments that require an amp for amplification of sound. If you are on a budget or just starting with creating music, investing in one of these tube amps may be the best thing.

Besides the fantastic build quality, an exceptional warranty plan comes with this product. If anything goes wrong within one year, you can expect to get it swapped out with the manufacturer, no questions asked.

It is an excellent 5-Watt amplifier that can be used in a small hall and has a port for additional speakers to increase the device’s volume output. You won’t go wrong investing in one of these if you are a garage band or trying to form your own crew so that you can one day perform on stage.

Alternatives for BUGERA V5

You may be wondering if the Bugera V5 is such a good amplifier; is there any alternative that can compare to it? Well, you are in for a surprise because some great competitors on the market can give the Bugera V5 a run for its money.

One of these is the Fender Champion 20, which comes at a great price and is a reliable practice amplifier, including excellent features. The Orange Crush 12W combo combo is another affordable and powerful amp package that lets you boost sound for a meager price

Lastly, the Vox AC4TV is a 4-Watt amp with a more solid feel to its knobs and is loud enough to play when no one is home. It is a well-constructed amp that shines when played at the ¼ Watt setting.

Features of Alternative Amplifiers

Model Fender Champion 20Orange Crush 12W comboVox AC4TV
Dimensions (inches)16 x 12 x 167.87 x 11.81 x 12.623 x 20 x 17
Power 20 Watts12 Watts4 Watts
Availability Check Price HereCheck Price HereCheck Price Here


The Bugera V5 is the most successful amplifier in the entire Infinium range. It feels like Bugera priced it right, made it just the right size, and added the right amount of key features to this product.

If you are looking for a great addition to an existing or new rig, the V5 may be the perfect fit. People recording music at home may find this powerful minuscule amp highly beneficial.


How Is the Build Quality?

These amps are designed to last and can give you years of use if you treat them correctly.

What About the Warranty Plan?

If you purchase this product from a retail store or the company’s official website, you can expect to receive a one-year warranty on all electrical components.

Is There a Headphone Jack Included with the Bugera V5?

Yes, there is a headphone jack included with this product, and it’s great for practicing in a crowded room or in a place where noise population is restricted.

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