BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Review (2024)

When it comes to car amps, you’ll find a wide range of options that can make it difficult to choose the right one for your car audio system. However, there are a few brands that are known for their high-quality amps that deliver a great performance each time. 

Boss Audio is a well-known brand for its quality amps that deliver consistent power and quality sound to your car audio system. The amps are also very easy to install which will save you a lot of time. The Boss audio systems R1100M is a class AB Monoblock amp that will produce great quality sound and better efficiency than a pure class A amp.

BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Review and Breakdown

This is a great car amp that features 1100 watts of power which is enough power to boost the sound of your car audio system. You can also use it with a remote subwoofer control that will help you tweak the bass to your liking. This amp is very easy to install, especially for inexperienced users. It’s a small and lightweight amp that weighs only 4.4 pounds and has an auto shut-off feature that will prevent it from overheating.

It uses 2 types of transistors and great features from both the class A and class B amps. It also has low and high-level inputs that carry the signal from your receiver, your amp, and speakers. The switchable bass boost will allow you to adjust the low bass and you can use the variable low pass crossover to customize the sound to your liking. This powerful 2 ohms amp comes with an owner’s manual and a 6-year online dealer warranty.

What we liked
  • Small amp with an impressive output
  • Great performance for the price
  • Easy to install
  • Auto shut-off feature is very useful
What we didn’t like
  • Works with single subwoofers
  • Needs amount for stability

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BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Specifications

Weight4.4 pounds
Amp classClass AB
Max power1100 watts
InputsLow as high level
Remote subwoofer controlYes
RMS power825W x 1 @2 ohms
Low pass filterVariable
Frequency response9 Hz to 50 kHz
Speaker impedance2-8 ohm
S/N ratio102 Db
Warranty6-year online dealer warranty
AvailabilityCheck Price Here

BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Features

Amplifier class

The R100M is a class AB amp that can produce great quality sound and still perform more efficiently than a class A amp. Its circuitry will help in reducing distortion thus boosting its power output and sound quality. This type of amp has 2 different types of transistors and features from both classes of amps. A class A amp will allow a huge amount of power to pass through its output transistor providing a better high frequency and feedback loop stability, but with no audio signal. You can easily construct this amp with a single device component and very few parts.

The class B amp uses 2 complementary transistors with each providing half of the cycle which helps to improve the efficiency. It has no power passing through its output transistors and no audio signal with a limitation of crossover distortion. When you combine these features, it means your sound system will have a highly efficient amp less prone to distortion. Plus the Mosfet power supply allows electric current to flow but controls the output voltage and current.

High and low-level inputs

Low-level input is measured in voltage while the high-level output is measured in wattage. These 2 inputs will help in carrying the signal from your receiver to your amp and speakers. The RCA or low-level inputs use interconnect cables to link your amp with the source unit and most aftermarket radios have RCA outputs that you can use to connect to different amps. However, factory radios don’t have low-level inputs.

High-level or speaker level inputs are used to connect your amp to an aftermarket radio or factory radio that doesn’t have low-level inputs so you can use the signal from the speaker output as an input source for your amp. The low-level inputs will accept the pre-amp output signal and the low-level inputs will receive your speaker output signals providing more flexibility when building an audio system.

Who is it best suited for?

This is an affordable amp for anyone on a tight budget but still wants an amp with better efficiency and great overall performance than other expensive amps. The R1100M amp will also deliver great power for your car audio system and allows you to connect it in different ways to accommodate different subwoofers.

Are there alternatives to the BOSS Audio Systems R1100M?

Features Rockford Fosgate R2-750X1Kicker KXA8001 KXA800.1
Amp classClass DClass D
Power output750 watts800 watts
RMS power rating250W x 1 or 750 W x 1400 W x 1 or 800 W x 1
Weight4.98 pounds6.69 pounds
Variable filterInfrasonic filter variable 15-50 HzSubsonic filter variable 10-80 Hz
Crossover slope12 dB/octave24 dB/octave
AvailabilityCheck Price HereCheck Price Here

So, should you buy the BOSS Audio Systems R1100M?

Yes, you should buy the amp. The R1100M amp has lots of great features for a low price point and is very simple to install, so you can easily upgrade your car audio system without breaking the bank. It has a great design so it will look good anywhere you mount it and it doesn’t overheat thanks to the auto shut-off feature that shuts the amp down to prevent damage to the amp.


Is Boss amp a good brand?

Boss amps are good amps that will add bass to your audio system. They will also help to increase the sound quality and power output to reduce distortion.

Why does a car amp go-to protection mode?

When an amp gets too hot, it goes to protection mode to prevent damage. If your amp is located under your seats or in a confined space, it can cause it to overheat because of a lack of air circulation. 

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