How You Can Stop Amplifiers From Clipping?


When you are listening to music from a movie, your TV, or any other device, it is essential to get the best audio quality if you want the best immersive experience. Many people will choose amplifiers to enhance the sound quality, but there are unfortunate circumstances when the amplifier starts clipping and fails to deliver …

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Do Amplifiers Need Running In?


It is common knowledge that audio components – including cables, speakers, and amplifiers, need a break-in period to ensure they sound their best when you use them. While this thought may sound reasonable, it is easy to not pay as much attention to it because you are not controlling the sound quality and production; you …

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How To Connect iPhone To Stereo Amplifier


Most of us use our smartphones as an entertainment center for audio, video, and more. Although your smartphone can do almost anything like controlling your TV, the audio isn’t t its best. While you can play audio and videos from your iPhone using a sound system, but if you want to broadcast through an amplifier, …

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