How to get amp out of protection mode?


What Is Protection Mode? Semiconductor devices, such as power transistors, can be very expensive to replace. In fact, they are the most expensive components of an amplifier. If they go short, your amplifier will no longer work. Likewise, car speakers are also pretty expensive. If they blow up because their voice coil catches a high …

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How to Choose The Best Amplifier for Your Car


A car amplifier will help improve the sound quality of your car’s audio system ad most cars nowadays come with built-in amps that are fixed into the head unit, but it might not be as powerful as you’d like. So if you want to upgrade the sound of your car’s stereo system, you’ll need a …

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Common Amp Problems and How You Can Fix Them


If your amp for your home or car has ever stopped working suddenly, you may be curious to know what causes such problems and what you can do to fix them. By knowing some of the common problems that plague amplifiers you can be able to find the solution any time they occur. However, you …

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What Are Stereo Amplifiers and How Do They Work?


If you’re planning on hooking up your home with a good home entertainment system, you’ll first need a quality A/V receiver that will help to improve the overall sound quality of the system and a quality amplifier to give you the full effect. While it’s not always necessary to use an amp to enjoy your …

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Can You Use a Guitar Amplifier as a Speaker?


If you love playing the guitar, then one of the things that can really frustrate you is the sound quality of your speakers. And if your speakers aren’t producing the quality of sound you want and you don’t have anything decent to play your music with, you could be wondering if you could play your …

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How Do Car Amplifiers Work?


The audio system is one of the determining aspects that a user considers when purchasing a car. There are many things that make your car’s audio powerful and worth listening to. The ideal car audio system mainly involves an amplifier. You have probably heard about amplifiers, but you don’t know what it does. Do you …

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Can You Use Bose Cube Speakers With Any Receiver?


Even before we had Bluetooth, Bose speakers were regarded as premium speakers because of their performance and their huge price tag. Even now these speakers are still very popular with music lovers because of their great sound. Generally, Bose speakers are mostly compatible with Bose receivers. However, there are things you can do that will …

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Can You Hook up 8-ohm Speakers to a 4-ohm Amplifier?


Speakers just like amplifier outputs have an impedance rating which is an electrical property similar to resistance. Speakers come with different impedance ratings and by matching the impedance of your speakers to your amplifier, you’ll ensure that your audio system will produce the best sound and run efficiently. So, can I connect 8-ohm speakers to …

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Can You Connect Car Speakers to Home Amplifier?


Yes, you can connect car speakers to a home amplifier, however, there are a few things that must be put into consideration, the first one is the impedance, car speakers are known to run on lower impedance and you must, therefore, invest in a receiver that can comfortably drive the speakers. The second thing to …

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What capacitor size do you need for a car amplifier?


You may have various reasons behind wanting a new capacitor for your car’s amplifier, such as when the existing one you have starts to show signs of poor audio quality or has run past its course. You can know a bad capacitor by seeing signs of swelling on it, as well as seeing if it …

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