Best Power Amplifier Under 2000 (2024)

An amplifier is a crucial device in audio production. It works by converting signals into sound waves.

Equipping your speaker with a suitable power amplifier can boost the overall sound system. If you need a pocket-friendly power amplifier that will cost you less than 2000, you are in the right place. Today, we will review some of the best power amplifiers under 2000 to make your search easier. Apart from the reviews, we will also give you a buying guide you should follow during shopping. Enjoy!

Best Power Amplifier Under 2000 (2024)

1. Nuprime Sta-9 – Best Value

Most audio enthusiasts who choose this power amplifier are impressed by its high performance. Nuprime Sta-9 is among the best cheap power amplifiers that produce a rich tube-like sound. It features the toroidal transformer, which enables it to minimize high-frequency noise and strengthens low-frequency performance.

This power amplifier is also famous for its damping effect. It can absorb and minimize any vibrations that negatively affect audio performance. Since this power amplifier is bridgeable, it allows switching between mono and stereo mode. This makes it a versatile power amplifier that can give you value for your cash.

The manufacturer behind this power amp also equips with harmonic circuitry, which gives it captivating features of tubed-amp sound with no limitations. Many people also choose this power amplifier since it is highly reliable and offers improved short circuit protection. It utilizes a self-oscillating circuit that generates pulse width modulation.

Unlike most class D amplifiers that switch at a frequency of 300 kHz, this power amplifier is better since it switches at 550 kHz. It can therefore lead to the accurate reproduction of the signal. You can use this power amplifier on low impedance speakers to boost the quality of sound.

The innovative bridging circuit of this power amp uses advanced technology to make the sounds more dynamic and livelier in stereo mode. This amplifier tends to be relaxed in mono mode. According to most users, the power amplifier is impressive since it produces a consistent and coherent sound.

When it comes to connections, this power amplifier comes with a stereo pair of RCA inputs, a stereo pair of XLR input, and mono speaker output and stereo speaker output. When idling, this power amplifier draws under 13W. It can make you listen to music for hours since it makes it smooth, detailed, and non-fatiguing.

  • Compact footprint but produces big sound
  • It comes in a mono/stereo amp design
  • 550 kHz switching frequency
  • Elegant look
  • It tends to heat up during long use

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2. Optoma Nuforce STA200 – Delivers Immersive Sound

Though Optoma Nuforce may not be the best-looking power amplifier under 2000, its sound captivates the attention of many. This is a stereo power amplifier that has 160 W of power. It comes in a slightly textured finish and an aluminum casing. You can either choose to leave this power amp in plain sight or conceal it behind other electronic devices in your home based on your preference.

Optoma Nuforce is a dual channeled power amp that is designed to offer maximum sound quality. It was created from the collaboration between Optoma Nuforce and Goldmund. This Class AB amplifier can immerse your living space with crisp and clear sound so that you can enjoy playing different music genres during your relaxing time. It also has a wide bandwidth that ranges from 10-100 kHz. It can extend its frequency response up to 900 kHz. Due to the wide bandwidth design, this power amplifier can eliminate any phase shifts.

The manufacturers eliminate crosstalk between its channels by designing it in a dual-mono arrangement. It comes with a ring-shaped transformer that has different taps for the components at the right and left side of this power amplifier.

If you are not new to using a power amplifier, you can quickly identify most of the controls included in this model. It comes with input connections such as single-ended RCA. When it comes to output, Optoma Nuforce Sta200 contains five-way binding posts that offer a sturdy connection. On the back part of this power amplifier, there is an AC line connection, switch, and a power output connector.

From the front panel of this power amplifier, you can tell that it is a beginner-friendly option. It contains a power button as well as an LED power indicator. When using this power amplifier, you should not have concerns regarding it getting too hot since it is equipped with a heatsink that does an excellent job at heat dissipation.

  • It comes in a sleek aluminum casing
  • Delivers a high performance
  • Minimalist design
  • It only contains basic controls

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3. Nuprime ST-10 – Excellent Quality

Nuprime has been creating high-performance audio products for quite a while now. If you need an affordable power amplifier from a reputable brand, you should consider the Nuprime ST-10. This power amplifier can put out 150W into an 8-ohm load.

Many users reveal that it is a reliable power amplifier that one can enjoy using for years. This is because it is constructed with quality components that have a solid feel. You can pick this power amp from two stunning finishes that include black or silver based on your taste. Though this power amp may look small, you should not be too quick to underestimate it since it can bring music to life. Many users are impressed with the dynamic impact and transient crispness of this power amp.

You can use this power amp on a wide range of speakers and still enjoy how it works. Nuprime ST-10 is designed to drive speakers with control and authority. Nuprime tailors each of its power amplifiers with unique sonic characteristics to fulfill the tastes of different audio enthusiasts. This specific model is a clean-sounding power amplifier that does not disappoint.

It delivers a soft relaxing sound that is associated with tubed amplification. This patented amplifier also stands out in various aspects. For instance, it minimizes the noise floor by up to 20 dB and elevates the output stage.

Since Nuprime ST-10 is designed with shortened circuit pathways, it has improved throughput. Many people also consider this among the best power amplifiers under 2000 since it has increased switching frequency of up to 600 kHz and has a better musical sampling rate. It offers wide and fast dynamics while at the same time minimizing noise and distortion. Since the dynamics in the music are well controlled, you can easily tell the difference in recordings.

Rather than equipping this power amp with the regular saw tooth configuration, the manufacturer makes it with the Nuprime circuit design. It utilizes an analog modulating signal that does not add jitter. This power amp has 2 x RCA and binding posts output.

  • It is a clean sounding amp
  • Incredible bass
  • The power amp is detailed and transparent
  • It comes in a unique design
  • It has less power rating compared to some models

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4. Audiosource AMP100VS – Enough Power for Multi-room Audio

Whether you would like to add a power amplifier to your home theater or need one for an outdoor system, the Audiosource AMP100VS could be an ideal fit. This power amp can help you start enjoying professional-quality audio from your home. It is a cost-effective power amplifier that is designed for multiple rooms.

Audiosource AMP100VS is a class AB amplifier that features automatic source switching. This means that it will switch on automatically every time you start your system. The dual channeled amplifier is rated at 50 watts into 8 ohms and 60 W per channel into 4 ohms. This amplifier also has a bridge output of 150 watts at 8 ohms.

It is among the best budget-friendly amplifiers that can help you get the most out of music. This power amp is not only famous for its high current design but also its low distortion. The versatile amp comes with different line-level inputs that allow you to listen to music from one source and an extra local audio source.

You can use this amplifier to power a single or even two pairs of speakers. It is possible to use this power amp in stereo mode and then get an extra amp to bridge them if you need a more powerful setup. Even if you don’t have a lot of space for a power amplifier, this should not limit you from buying the Audiosource AMP100VS since it comes in a low-profile design. Feel free to place it anywhere in a room.

Since this power amp has loop output, it can support different multi-room system configurations as it can quickly transfer the audio signal to a different amplifier. The front panel of this power amp contains balance and volume controls for ease of use. You should also expect treble and bass controls on the rear panel of this power amp.

Once you purchase this power amp, you should expect a 3-year warranty. This long-term warranty shows that the manufacturer is confident with the quality of this power amp. If it malfunctions within this duration, you can get it replaced at no extra cost. Apart from that, most customers were also impressed with the refund policy of this manufacturer. When you buy this power amp, you have 60 days to test it and decide if it is an ideal fit. If it is not, you can get back your funds within this period.

  • It is auto-sensing
  • The loop output can help you design a multi-room system
  • Works with minimal distortion
  • This power amp is easy to set up and use
  • It can easily overheat

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5. Russound D250LS – Space-saving Design

Not every power amplifier fits everywhere. If you have limited space but still need to buy a cheap one, you should consider the Russound D250LS. This comes in a low-profile design that makes it easy to mount at the back of a cabinet, rack-mount, or even on a wall. The package even includes a rack assembly kit and some screws to help you set up this power amp easily.

Russound D250LS is a two-channel power amplifier that is rated at 50 W per channel at 8 ohms and 75 W at 4 ohms. The manufacturer of this power amplifier designs it with robust circuitry to enhance stability during use. It not only makes it reliable but also safe under extreme circumstances. Though it may look like a simple power amplifier, you can use it with different sources across various rooms. This power amp not only comes with speaker-level inputs but also line-level inputs that you can use to connect a computer or television. If you want to set up a multi-room music system, this power will not disappoint.

Like the previous model, Russound D250L5 can also detect the signal and switch on automatically. It even allows you to customize the timing of the switch through the delay knob located on its rear panel. You can either utilize it in stereo mode or get a second amplifier so that you can bridge them and create a dual-mono setup.

This is a high current amp that can handle low impedance loads. It is also ideal for C series installations. The power amp also has a 12v trigger input as well as output for remote control. Like most models, this power amp also has RCA inputs. Once you buy it, you will get a three-year warranty for it.

  • It has a low profile design
  • Provides automatic switching
  • Can help you develop a multi-room music system
  • Some users reveal that the manual is not very clear

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How to Find the Best Power Amplifier Under 2000 (2024)

Though some of the power amplifiers come at an affordable cost, not all of them are the right fit. Apart from comparing the models we have discussed, you should also know the most crucial factors that can guide you into picking an ideal power amplifier. Some of them include the following.


To correctly match a power amplifier with a speaker, you have to choose one that can offer power that is twice your speaker’s program power rating. If, for instance, you have a speaker with an impedance of 8 ohms and a program power rating of about 350 watts, you should get a power amp that can produce at least 700 watts into 8 ohms.


You should also understand that power amplifiers are categorized into different classes before choosing any model. These classes include A, B, AB, and D. Most popular power amplifiers come in AB and A designs. Though such power amplifiers are known for their excellent sound quality, they come with large components that make them heavy. Such power amplifiers are not economical to use since they lead to high power consumption.

If you need a better power amplifier, consider a class D power amp. This class produces more power than the other categories and maintains excellent sound quality. Such a power amplifier can also minimize the weight of your rack since it will not be cumbersome.


Before you start shopping for a cheap power amplifier, determine the number of channels you require. You can do this by assessing the number of speakers you would like to connect with. Most of the power amplifiers feature two channels and give you the chance to connect at least two speaker cabinets in mono or stereo mode. You may also come across a few budget-friendly models that come with additional channels.


Apart from the classes, power amplifiers under 2000 also come in different modes. The channels of such amps are designed to operate in different configurations based on customer needs. You can either choose a stereo or parallel mode power amp. The market also offers bridge mode power amps that can harness the power of more than one channel.


Are cheap power amplifiers good?

Not all of them. It depends on the brand you are focusing on. Though most of them often have some compromises to keep the price low, you can still find quality power amps that are worth purchasing.

What are watts?

This is a crucial spec in a power amplifier. It indicates how much power the amp can put out.

What is the function of a limiter in an amplifier?

This is a built-in feature that is designed to maximize signal levels and prevent overload and distortion.


Every music lover should consider investing in a power amplifier since this can help them enjoy their favorite tunes. Though some power amps are quite expensive, you can still find quality ones that are less than 2000. Check out the models we have reviewed above and consider the factors we have discussed before deciding.

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