Best Jazz Guitar Amp – Top 10 Reviews (2024)

Playing the jazz guitar can help you express emotions and improve your memory and concentration. If you have turned this passion into a career, you need to invest in the right electronic devices.

One of the devices that most jazz guitar players invest in is an amplifier. This is designed to strengthen the electrical signal from the guitar. It can also modify the guitar’s tone by emphasizing particular frequencies. The market offers different amplifiers for a jazz guitar. You can find the best jazz guitar amp in 2024 in this review. Enjoy!

10 Best Jazz Guitar Amp in 2024

1. Fender Champion 20 – Best Overall

Are you working with a tight budget but looking for a quality jazz guitar amp? If yes, you should consider Fender Champion. This is a compact guitar amp that weighs about 12 pounds. It is therefore easy to carry around for gigs.

Fender Champion features one eight-speaker and can deliver up to twenty watts. Many guitarists are also impressed with the solid build of this amplifier. The manufacturer equips it with metal corners that protect the amplifier and make it easy to travel.

It comes with a blackface design and has a silver grille cloth that gives it an elegant finish. This amplifier also contains user-friendly control knobs and can deliver classic Fender tones. The single-channel in this amp has numerous voicing options. With this guitar amp, you can play different tone options and multiple sound effects.

  • The amplifier comes at an attractive price
  • It has an elegant look
  • Delivers good sound and has different special effects
  • It comes with a five-year warranty
  • It is not very powerful for a live performance

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2. Roland JC-22 – Versatile Amp

Though this is not the cheapest jazz guitar amp, it is a true classic that can give you value for your cash. It delivers a clean tone and features two custom-designed speakers. It offers most of the crucial features found in the Roland JC-40 guitar amp but in a more scaled down size.

Due to the compact design of this Jazz guitar amp, you can use it to play your favorite instrument at home. This is a versatile amplifier that is not only ideal for intimate performances but also for recording. Roland JC-22 includes the dimensional space chorus effect and produces expansive 3D stereo sound. You will notice the controls of this amplifier conveniently situated on the front. Apart from the Chorus and Reverb controls, Roland also includes 3-Way EQ for Bass, Mid, and Treble control.

It has a switch that you can use to add brightness when needed. The available line socket allows you to connect a PA system or audio interface. At the back part of this guitar amp is a headphone jack.

  • This amp comes in a compact design
  • Has high-quality chorus and reverb effects
  • You can use the stereo input to plug stereo stomps and modelers
  • It is durable
  • Some customers are not impressed with the high price

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3. Vox Custom AC30C2 – Great Quality

The vintage look of this jazz guitar amp makes it stand out among other models. This amp also has a rugged build and weighs about 70 pounds. It is not among the lightweight jazz guitar amps available in the market today.

Vox electric also comes with two Celestion speakers that are about 12 inches. These speakers offer thirty watts of clean sound. It also features different tubes, including three preamp tubes and EL84 power tubes.

It produces a wide range of sounds. Most musicians are impressed with this versatile am. It contains two channels that include normal and top boost. Once you invest in this jazz guitar amp, you can enjoy plenty of options, including bass and treble controls.

Both channels contain dedicated volume control to give jazz players a clean and crisp sound. This jazz guitar amp also comes with Tremolo and Reverb effects built into it. Most users also like the true bypass effects loop of this jazz guitar amp.

  • It has a solid and authentic build
  • Delivers great sound
  • Has both Tremolo and reverb sound effects
  • It comes at a high price

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4. Fender 68 – Great For Practice Sessions

Fender 68 is a small and lightweight amp that you can use at home or on the go. It has a modest power output and delivers a great performance. It comes with built-in vibrato and reverb effects. Apart from that, this fender model features a ten-inch speaker from Celestion and a two-button footswitch. This model is designed to sound just like the original Princeton.

It comes with all-tube circuits and hand-wired tube sockets. This model has a modified tone circuit that offers more tonal options with effects pedals. Most Jazz players choose Fender 68 since it delivers the traditional crisp sound. It also has vibrato and tube-driven reverb effects.

  • The modified tone circuits offer tonal flexibility
  • It comes with an amplifier cover
  • This amp is compact and lightweight
  • May not have enough power for some venues

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5. Roland JC-120 – Solidly Built

Roland is a legend manufacturer of amplifiers that has been producing quality products since the 1970s. This specific model is well known for its clean tones. If you are a Jazz player looking for a road-ready guitar amp, you should focus on Roland JC-120.

It comes with a heavy-duty build and has protectors on its corners and edges. The heavy-duty casters also make this a durable jazz guitar amp. This amp is, however, large and bulky since it weighs more than 70 pounds. It contains two silver cone speakers and can deliver a quality performance that is both crystal clear and powerful.

This Roland model also comes with a stereo chorus built into it to lift it to a higher level. It contains built-in reverb, which enables it to produce a unique sound. You will find most of the controls on the front part of this amp. They are strategically located to give you quick access any to any tonal changes that you would like to make. Apart from that, this amp also features a three-band EQ for the channels.

  • It produces a crisp and clear sound
  • Dimensional space chorus effect
  • It comes with built-in reverb and vibrato
  • It is costly

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6. Roland JC-40 – Ideal For Modern Guitarists

Most Jazz guitarists like using reliable amplifiers that offer clean tones. Roland JC-40 is a popular amp that does not disappoint. The stereo input can give you an authentic stereo sound with stereo effect pedals and modelers.

Roland JC-40 is a solid-state combo amp that does not depend on vacuum tubes in its circuitry. The speakers and circuit board of this amp are housed in a single enclosure. This amp also has two 10-inch speakers that provide the power of about 40 watts.

Since this is a small-sized jazz guitar amp, you can easily transport it to a different location. Roland JC-40 also comes with built-in reverb, distortion, and vibration effects. The onboard effects include updated sounds which enable this amp to support the needs of different jazz players.

  • Clean tone
  • Wonderful built-in chorus
  • It is solidly built
  • Some players reveal that this amp is not that loud

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7. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe – Best Rehearsing and Recording Amp

This specific model is worth considering since it has a lot of tonal characteristics. It is a comp amp that contains a single Celestion speaker, which delivers 40 amps of power. It can fill both medium and small size venues with great sound reinforcement.

Some of the features that you should expect in Fender Hot rod deluxe include three preamp tubes and power tubes. It also contains a solid-state rectifier, which offers a touch-sensitive and clear response. One of the things that makes this jazz guitar amp different from most models is the availability of three-channel modes, which include drive, more drive, and normal.

It even includes a built-in spring reverb and a three-band equalizer. One of the reasons why most jazz guitarists invest in this amp is because it has adequate volume for both small and medium-sized rooms.

  • It offers room for effect pedals
  • The amp is lightweight and portable
  • Spring reverb is modified for enhanced smoothness
  • The preamp circuitry offers more tonal definition
  • It is heavyweight

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8. Peavey Classic 30 – Best Value

Craft your own unique sound with the help of this amp. Peavey classic 30 112 captivates the attention of many guitarists since it comes at an affordable price. It also packs big and clean tones that most guitarists prefer. This combo amp contains a single 12 inch Celestion speaker, which kicks out the power of 30 watts.

Like most models, this amp uses three preamp tubes and at least four power tubes. The combination of these tubes gives the amp its power and iconic tone. You should also expect different controls, an input jack, and a single channel in this amplifier.

The single channel of this jazz guitar amplifier has an equalizer for treble, middle, and bass control. It also includes a boost switch that can come in handy when you require some extra push. Thanks to the inclusion of the spring reverb, this amp can produce an ambient sound and enables you to set an ideal volume. Peavey classic amp also has a unique look since it features chrome-plated chassis and has a classic tweed covering.

  • Great sounds
  • Classic look
  • The amp is easy to use
  • It is versatile
  • It does not offer a great tonal difference between the channels

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9. Orange Amps Amplifier Part (Crush35RT) – Combo Amp

Though this amp is mostly used by rock and metal guitarists, jazz guitarists can also use it effectively. This model comes with one 10-inch speaker, which delivers the power of 35 W. It is considered among the best jazz guitar amps due to the inclusion of features such as solid-state circuitry. Unlike models that utilize tubes, this app features the 35RT’s analog circuitry, which enables it to produce a responsive and lively feel.

You should also expect a three-band equalizer in this amp for mid-range frequencies, treble, and bass. Orange amps crush comes with a digital reverb module and an in-built chromatic tuner. This amp allows you to run different effects without affecting your guitar’s input tone. Feel free to use this small amplifier for rehearsing, gigging, and recording. Many users are also impressed with the great clean sound that this amp delivers.

  • It is well built
  • A wide range of tones
  • It comes with built-in reverb and tuner
  • Easy to use
  • The power switch is found at the back instead of the top panel

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10. Line 6 AMPLIFi 75 – Best For Practice

Line 6 is one of the brands that are keen on modeling amplifier technology. It has been producing quality amps for more than a decade. Amplifi 75 is one of the best jazz guitar amps from this manufacturer that comes with a single 8-inch speaker. The speaker puts out up to 75 watts of power.

Apart from the single speaker, this jazz guitar amp has four drivers that can easily handle modeled sounds. Rather than using tubes, this amp makes use of solid-state circuitry. Line 6 Amplifi 75 is famous for its modeling capabilities.

It is also a unique amp that features a remote app for PC, MAC, and Android. Feel free to use this app to dial an ideal tone and control it wirelessly from any location in your house. You can also play different tunes through the amp, thanks to the incorporation of Bluetooth speaker technology. This makes it a great teaching aid for private guitar lessons.

  • It comes with intuitive controls
  • Has a paired remote app for different systems
  • It is equipped with Bluetooth speaker technology
  • It has a wide array of effects
  • It lacks a foot controller

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Buying Guide For The Best Jazz Guitar Amp (2024)

For you to make your guitar sound jazzier, you have to choose the right amplifier. The numerous models available can make it hard to choose an ideal option. You should pay attention to the following as you look for a good jazz guitar amp.


If, for instance, you want an amplifier for performing, you should focus on portable models. Look at the size of the amp and its weight to determine if it is the right fit. You should also check the build quality if you need an amp for performing. If you only need a jazz guitar amp for home use, the size may not matter a lot.

Solid-state or tube

Both forms of amplifiers are ideal for playing jazz. You should, however, choose the right form based on your preference. If you need a good clean tone while playing jazz, consider a tube amp since this has a unique sound that is clean and warm. Though such amps are costlier than solid-state amps, they can be a good investment.

Though solid-state amps offer good sounds, they sometimes lack tube warmth. Such an amplifier has nice built-in effects that enable you to come up with great sounds. If you choose this type of amp, ensure that it has clean tones.


As you compare different jazz guitar amplifiers, choose one that has effects such as chorus and reverb. These are great effects that can give the sound more depth. Apart from basic effects, you will also come across jazz guitar amps that contain additional effects.


Think about your needs and choose a jazz guitar amp that is powerful enough. If, for instance, you want one that you can use to perform at a large venue, you should get one that has more power.


What is a jazz guitar?

This is a bit different from a regular guitar as it is mostly designed to produce a jazzy sound.

What is a tube amp?

This is an amplifier that utilizes vacuum tubes to amplify the guitar signal.

Can I make a jazz guitar sound better?

Yes. Start by setting the volume at seven and set the tone halfway. Play the guitar as you listen to the sound.


Whether you want to begin playing the jazz guitar or would like to upgrade your setup, you should look for the best option. We have reviewed the top ten best jazz guitar amps to make your search easier. Go through the reviews and also consider the factors we have highlighted above before making your final decision.

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