Best Integrated Amplifier Under $2,000 (for 2024)

Are you looking to ditch your analog amplifier and replace it with a modern integrated amplifier that does the work of a pre-amp and power amp? Finding a good one can be quite the task, but we narrowed down the options for you.

Amplifiers have in recent times seen major upgrades that have taken them from mere input-output devices. They now boast numerous features such as built in DACs, Bluetooth and network streaming, phono stages that support turn tables, not to mention the fact that they now combine a pre-amp and power amp in one device. It goes without saying that there are many expensive options out there, and finding an affordable option can be hard. Here are the best options for under $2,000.

The Best Integrated Amplifiers Under $2,000 Product Review

1. Marantz PM 8006 Integrated Amplifier – Comes with high-quality headphone output

When it comes to quality sound and quality product build, this device takes the game to a whole new level, allowing you to enjoy premium features on a budget.

Key Features
  • Comes with phono stage
  • 6 audio outputs
  • 70 watts per channel
  • Electric volume control
  • Handles multiple audio sauces
  • Flexible configurations
  • Headphone output

One of the best characteristics of this device is that it is built using extremely high quality material that makes it a strong and durable device that can withstand a good deal of pressure. More impressive, however, is the quality of features offered that essentially result in high sound quality.

Seeing as it features 2-stage amplification, this device results in extremely high sound quality. Small as it is, it packs enough sound to fill up very large rooms. It offers up to 6 audio outputs which is pretty impressive. The device is built in such a way as to make sure that even the deepest and loudest sounds produced are crisp and clear, and that you do not end up experiencing any form of distortion when it is working.

For an overall wholesome and complete sound experience, especially when you are playing music, this amplifier takes advantage of an electric volume control system specifically designed for Marantz. The resulting sound is immersive and full, allowing you to have quite the musical experience. This characteristic is also backed up by the Marantz Musical Phono EQ preamp stage that works to obtain pure signal and to significantly reduce noise levels.

If you would like to increase the power output of this amplifier, you can choose to connect a bigger amplifier. This new device can be connected directly into your sound system to allow it to work better and more efficiently. Other impressive qualities of this amplifier include triple layer bottom plate for better performance, gold plated inputs and outputs, double shielded transformer, 2 stage amplification and electric volume control.

  • Comes with high quality build
  • Has electric volume control
  • Produces clear and crisp sound
  • Ideal for large rooms
  • 6 audio channels
  • Decibel sensitivity is low

When it comes to quality of build and quality of sound produced, this amplifier does a pretty solid job. The main downside is that it comes with low signal sensitivity, but its sound clarity comes in to mitigate this.

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2. NAD C 316BEE Integrated Amplifier – Comes with a power drive circuit

This device has won multiple accolades due to the quality of sound produced. Its power drive circuit works to combine low noise with high overload, making sure that you do not experience distorted sound when you use it.

Key Features
  • Comes with MM Phono stage
  • Has power drive circuitry
  • Multi-way speaker binding posts
  • Front panel and back input
  • Solid body build
  • 100 watts dynamic power output

Just like the model reviewed above, this particular integrated amplifier works to make sure that you receive high quality sound with every use. one of the best and most convenient features is its PowerDrive Circuit which works by monitoring the exact operating condition of the amplifier and using its intelligence to optimize the power supply settings. This is how you end up with maximum power and low sound distortion which translates to high quality music that has low noise and distortion, and that is crisp and clear.

One of the biggest troubles with many low budget amplifiers is airborne vibrations that eventually cause parasitic feedback. To get rid of this problem, this integrated amplifier comes with two properties that are essential for quality sound. It combines RIAA equalization and an infrasonic filter that work together to get rid of the said airborne vibrations.

When it comes to inputs, this integrated amplifier offers both front and back panel input options. This way, you can connect heavy high demand speakers that are meant to work in large rooms in the back panel with ease, and also connect such devices as your phone and tablet in the front panel for easy access and use.

When you need to perform heavy sound lifting, this device provides 5 line inputs and a massive toroidal power transformer. In addition to this feature, this integrated amplifier also comes with a phono stage that is essential in connecting the amplifier to a record player with ease. You can use it to connect the amplifier directly to a turntable.

When it comes to optimal power output, this device clocks in at an impressive 100 Watts which is pretty cool. It is important to note that some of the features on this integrated amplifier that include the RIAA equalization and infrasonic filter are quite impressive, especially since they are quite rare for devices of this integrated amplifier’s price range.

  • High quality sound output
  • Comes with phono output
  • Front and back panel inputs
  • Has RIAA equalization and infrasonic filter
  • Big toroidal power transformer
  • Has very small indicator lights

Buying this integrated amplifier can literally be considered a steal, largely because it offers features that are too far out of its price range. It comes with extremely high-quality sound output, making sure that you have profound experiences when listening to music. The main downside is the small indicator lights, but these do nothing to affect the quality of output.

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3. Fosi Audio BT30D Audio Receiver Amplifier – Delivers extremely high-quality sound

This integrated amplifier is a surprisingly small device, but it comes with sound quality that is really good. The most surprising thing is that it is pretty affordable (cheap, even), and you would not expect the quality delivered at its price point.

Key Features
  • Treble and bass control
  • Bluetooth 5.0 enabled
  • Subwoofer volume control
  • Dynamic sound production
  • 98 dB noise sensitivity
  • Compact frame
  • 0.04% THD

If you are looking for an integrated amplifier that is affordable and that does not take up loads of room, this is likely the device for you. It makes an ideal budget pick that also proves solid as far as performance is concerned. It allows you to have a home theater feel with the sound it delivers, making speakers attached to it sound powerful and full.

One of the biggest features of this device is that it comes with treble and bass control. This way, you get to use the controls to discover music that has profound depth as far as bass is concerned, and that is also clear when you balance the treble. In addition, it offers users subwoofer volume control, making sure that you also get the desired music volume with minimal sound distortion.

The sound produced, apart from being big and bold, is also quite dynamic. This way, you get to hear the true form of the music you are playing, as it brings out every element of a song as it should be. The frequency control function on the device also adds to the overall quality of the sound, even in large rooms with lots of resonance.

Apart from allowing you to connect physically to speakers and other such devices, this amplifier also comes with Bluetooth connectivity. This way, you can stream music from an assortment of devices when you feel you need to. This device comes with output wattage of 150 Watts which is considerably higher than that of many devices that are more expensive and more equipped with better features.

  • Compact and space saving
  • Dynamic sound production
  • Allows for Bluetooth streaming
  • Has treble and bass control
  • Very affordable
  • Does not support remote control

If you are looking for big sound and a small device to use on a budget, this is likely the one for you. The fact that it also supports Bluetooth compatibility makes it ideal for people looking for extra versatility in their amplifiers.

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4. NAD D 3020 Hybrid Integrated Amp – Supports Bluetooth audio streaming

One of the most striking characteristics of this integrated amplifier is the fact that it features an extremely simple look that works to hide just how powerful and efficient device it is. This amp is great for people who like a simplistic look.

Key Features
  • Big dynamic sound
  • Allows for analog and digital inputs
  • Retro design
  • Compact and space saving
  • Has a Bass EQ circuit
  • Has phono stage
  • Supports Bluetooth streaming

If you are a stickler for space saving devices, you are going to definitely like the way this product is designed. Even though it is not small, it comes with a small footprint that allows it to fit into small spaces with ease. More interesting, however, is just how well it works.

It comes with the capacity to support both analog and digital inputs, and it delivers exceptional sound that allows you to experience the fullness of music when you play. It is able to support big dynamic sound that has minimal distortion, resulting in superior clarity.

Seeing as it is Bluetooth enabled, it allows you to stream via Bluetooth so that you can connect devices such as phones and tablets that you intend to use for other activities. Apart from these it also comes with such features as a phono stage, Bass EQ circuit, headphone output and remote control.

  • Delivers big dynamic sound
  • Supports analog and digital devices
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Has a phono stage
  • Does not have USB ports

If you want a retro look as well as a device that takes up little room while delivering big sound, this is the one for you. It is also pretty affordable which is quite the advantage.

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Buying an Integrated Amplifier Under $2,000 – What to look out for


Make sure that the device you choose has enough power output to deliver as much sound as you need it to. The best devices have a 40W output and above.

Sound delivery

Get an amplifier that sees to it that the sound you receive is profound and clear. Steer away from those that come with lots of noise and sound distortion.


Make certain that your chosen amplifier comes with such basic controls as volume control and EQ settings. The control knobs also need to be easy enough to use and clearly marked to allow you the ability to change your sound settings when you need to.

Heat sinks

Integrated amplifiers tend to overheat when they are used hard and long. For this reason, you need to make sure that it is fitted with high quality heat sinks that work to dissipate the heat quick and fast.

Final Verdict

Some of the best amplifiers out there are worth an arm and a leg, but it is possible to find devices that are high performers at a budget. The truth is, it can be quite the challenge finding one that has all the best features, and for this reason, you need to pick one with the specifications that essentially work for you. Make sure that the amp you choose is equipped to handle as much as you need it to for quality sound experiences.

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