Best Car Amplifier For Bass – Top 5 Reviews (2024)

Listening to music while driving can give you an enhanced experience since music can help you enjoy your ride.

A car amplifier can enhance the sound system of your car. As you start looking for one, you should go for the best car amplifier. Your search does not have to be complicated since we will review some of the most popular models in 2024 and even give you a buying guide that you can use before purchase. Read on!

Best Car Amplifier for Bass (2024)

1. BOSS Audio Systems R1100M – Best Value

If you are looking for a well-made car amplifier that can give you value for your cash, you should consider Boss audio systems. This is a MOSFET Monoblock car amplifier for bass that has quality linear circuitry. It is considered among the best car amplifiers for bass since it comes with high power outputs.

It has an RMS rating of 550 W. It can also deliver an optimum performance thanks to the inclusion of low and high-level inputs. The manufacturer equips it with a low pass filter, giving you more control of what passes through the vehicle’s subwoofer.

With this car amplifier, you can control the woofer levels through a wired-in remote. This car amplifier comes with automatic shut-off protection to prevent shorts. The feature is designed to monitor and detect things such as electric failures and heat issues that may occur in the connected speakers.

Most users are impressed with the bass boost function of this car amplifier since it allows one to adjust the bass and customize the sound to your preference. Apart from its performance, this car amplifier also has an elegant look. It features an illuminated logo badge that adds to its aesthetic value.

  • Has low and high input options
  • Linear circuitry
  • It comes with a wired level remote for easy adjustment
  • Some users reveal that it is not that powerful

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2. Kenwood KAC-M3004 – Digital Amplifier

If you need a compact size car amplifier that can easily fit in a limited area, you should pay attention to Kenwood digital amplifier. This is not only a small-sized amp but also a long-lasting one. Since it has full protection, you can depend on it for a long time without the need to replace it soon. The manufacturer of this car amplifier utilizes coated PCB and additional protection layers that ensure that no damp air or moisture can penetrate it and cause damage.

It is also a versatile amp that can fit in any vehicle. You can even use it on a bike or boat to enhance your sound system. The problem with some car amplifiers is that they are not that easy to install. Kenwood digital amplifier will not give you such an experience since it has a simple installation process.

This is a 4-channel amplifier that can power up the music in your vehicle with up to 50W per channel. It can therefore block external noise as you drive. Many users also like the way this car amplifier accepts signals from different sources. If, for instance, you are using speaker-level inputs, this car amplifier can easily sense the signal and turn itself on automatically.

Many people also consider it to be the best car amplifier in 2024 since it has a top-notch sound quality. This model is designed to enhance the clarity and output of your car stereo. Handle this car amplifier carefully since it contains some harmful chemicals that can cause health problems.

  • It comes in a compact design
  • Utilizes conformal coated PCB
  • It is easy to install
  • Can fit in different vehicle types
  • It has some harmful chemicals

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3. Alpine X-A90V – Budget-friendly Option

Get a quality car amplifier that has unique features. Alpine X-A90V X-Series is different from conventional models since it offers stunning spatial imaging and sound stage depth. Due to the inclusion of such features, this car amplifier can significantly boost the sound quality of your vehicle. Once you choose this car amplifier, you will not spend more to get professional help since it is easy to install.

This car amplifier can deliver up to 75 W RMS to the rear and front speakers in your car. The speaker level inputs make it possible to add this car amplifier to any system, including one that has a factory radio. You should also expect other features in this car amplifier, such as a bass EQ, remote bass, and built-in crossover. It is designed to give you different options. You will also notice the available LED power, which lights green when turns on.

One reason why many vehicle owners choose this car amplifier over other models is its reasonable price. During purchase, you should also expect a one-year warranty for this car amplifier. Some users, however, reveal that it has an inconsistent subwoofer output. It sometimes fails unexpectedly.

  • It is easy to install
  • The car amplifier includes remote bass and bass EQ
  • It has an LED power indicator
  • Excellent spatial imaging
  • It comes with short set screws that are inconvenient to use

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4. Rockford Fosgate R500X1D – Best Overall

Most vehicles consider this to be the best car amplifier for bass since it offers excellent sound quality and significant noise levels. It is well constructed to minimize the consumption from the car’s charging system.

It is a mono amplifier that has a MOSFET power supply. This car amplifier also contains under-current protection. To prevent overheating, the manufacturer of this model equips it with thermal sensors. This car amplifier has a power rating of 500 watts at 2 ohms and 300 watts at 4 ohms.

This is a convenient car amplifier that comes with a cast aluminum heatsink which enhances longevity. The control panel of Rockford Fosgate is top-mounted. Since this car amplifier has a remote punch level control, it can easily boost the car’s sound system. With this model, you will not struggle to adjust the punch levels.

You should also expect a 0/180 degree phase switch in this car amplifier. You can easily connect different speakers and a sub to this car amplifier since it comes with ground and gauge power connectors. To further enhance convenience, the manufacturer also includes a turn-on feature that is muted. You can also access the Punch EQ control and adjust the car amplifier accordingly.

Though this is among the best car amplifiers for bass, it is not perfect. The packaging fails to include a manual that you can use to install it. It comes with deep screw mounts that make tight installations challenging. Ensure that you have a magnetic screwdriver during installation. This is a lightweight and small car amplifier that you can squeeze under the seat.

  • Delivers excellent sound quality
  • It is space-saving
  • It has a remote punch level control
  • It comes with four connectors
  • Durable design
  • It lacks a bass knob and mounting hardware

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5. JL Audio Monoblock RD500/1 – Compact Design

Consider getting this small yet powerful amplifier for your car and boost the sound system. Since JD AUDIO RD500/1 comes in a compact size, you will not struggle to fit it in a small space. It is among the best car amplifiers for bass since it offers high-quality and clean sound to give you more entertaining rides.

Even when you are riding in the dark, you will still be comfortable due to an LED clip light in this car amplifier. It is designed to increase visibility during low light conditions. Apart from that, this car amplifier can boost your music experience by eliminating noise variables through differential balanced inputs. This car amplifier can make music sound punchy and smooth.

It is different from regular car amplifiers since its outputs run subwoofers in parallel. Though this car amplifier is unique, it is not durable. If you still want to get it, get professional help during installation since this process can be tricky.

  • It is space-saving
  • Offers high-quality sound
  • Includes LED clip light
  • The packaging lacks a manual

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How To Find The Best Car Amplifier For Bass (2024)

A car’s sound system is not complete without an amplifier. This part is essential since it offers the audio system’s components enough power to perform their best. Even if you have a decent sound system but lack the car amplifier, it will not produce the subterranean bass response that this device can provide. Finding the best car amplifier can be confusing due to the numerous models available. Once you start shopping, you should take into consideration the following factors.


The market offers both single and multi-channel amplifiers. The channels refer to the ports that can power external speakers and subs. A single channel amp can provide more bass response and power. Such an amplifier can power a sub effectively. On the other hand, a multi-channel amplifier can power a sub and several speakers at a go. Such an amplifier is beneficial since it can be bridged to offer extra power to a sub. If you are looking for real bass, focus on single-channel amplifiers.


You should also consider the power that different car amplifiers for bass have before choosing one. Car amps are rated with peak power rating and RMS. They come with 2-ohm and 4-ohm specifications. A low impedance speaker takes more power than a high impedance speaker. For instance, a 4-ohm speaker extracts more power from a car amplifier compared to an 8-ohm speaker. When you choose an amp with a higher RMS, you should expect it to deliver more power.


Once you start shopping for car amplifiers, you will notice that they are categorized into different classes, such as A/B and D. Though a class A/B amplifier is less power efficient, it offers superior output. Such an amplifier is bulky, but it can push out high power. Class D amplifiers are more popular since they are more power-efficient. Such an amplifier may not, however, give very clear audio quality. At high gain settings, such an amplifier may have signal noise.


Some car owners overlook this factor when searching for an amplifier. The size of the car amplifier is important to consider since your car may have limited installation space. By focusing on the size of the car amplifier, you can find one that will fit into the installation area without any problems.

Warranty and price

Do not forget to consider the price and warranty that a car amplifier has during shopping. The market has both cheap and expensive car amplifiers. Choose one from a reputable brand and consider the features it comes with before buying a car amplifier. You should also get one that has a warranty that lasts for at least three years. Some models even come with a five warranty.


Can a car amplifier improve bass?

Yes. This component is designed to boost the tone and give you an accurate bass response. It can help you enjoy the clearer sound.

How can I make my subs hit hard?

Buy an ideal amplifier for the subwoofer. Ensure that you adjust the setting of the car amplifier to accommodate your subwoofer.

How do I choose the right size of car amplifier?

Before you go shopping, start by taking proper measurements of the location in which you intend to place the car amplifier. Using the measurements during shopping can help you get the right size.


The best car amplifier for bass is one that suits the requirements of your vehicle and can deliver a satisfactory performance. You can find such a car amplifier from the options that we have discussed above. Apart from comparing them, consider the factors we have also highlighted before paying for any car amplifier.

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