Best Amplifier For b&w 606 (2024)

The b&w 606 is a popular speaker that is known to deliver a better sonic performance than b&w 600. Pairing the b&w 606 bookshelf speaker with a quality amplifier can help you enhance its sound even further.

If you have been searching for a suitable amplifier for this speaker, then you are at the right place. We found the best amplifier for the b&w 606 bookshelf speaker to make your search easier. Apart from reviewing these models, we will also discuss the key factors you need to pay attention to during shopping. Here is a quick summary of what our discussion entails.

Best Amplifier For b&w 606 (2024)

1. NAD C368 – Best Overall

This integrated amplifier has enough power to drive the b&w 606 with ease. It is considered among the best amp for the speaker since it is well equipped to refine the sound. The manufacturer of this amplifier designed it to deliver enhanced performance while at the same time minimizing power consumption.

NAD C368 amplifier features 80 W per channel into 8 and 4 ohms. It contains a preamp output, headphone output, and speaker outputs. The NAD C368 may not have an innovative design when it comes to construction, but it is reliably sturdy. It features a modular design construction that gives you the chance to customize it. The slots are designed for adding extra capabilities. Many customers are impressed with the minimalistic look of this amplifier and its ease of use.

The amplifier has a spacious and transparent sound quality. It is designed to sound precise and does not exhibit harshness. It not only comes with a remote control but also has Bluetooth capabilities. According to most users, the Bluetooth setup of this amplifier is straightforward. This amplifier is also impressive since it contains a built-in DAC. You can also use it for music streaming from different compatible devices. NAD C 368 has a signal-to-noise ratio of about 98 dB. Once you invest in this amplifier, you will get a 2-year warranty for it.

  • It produces a smooth and refined sound
  • Has Bluetooth capabilities
  • Simple interface
  • It contains some decent connection options
  • The menu is not intuitive

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2. Audiolab 8300A – Best Value

Audiolab is a reputable manufacturer of amps that have been producing quality products for years. If you are searching for an amp for the b&w 606 speaker that is worth the money, you should focus on this brand. One of the popular models that most people choose from the company is Audiolab 8300A. This is among the best amplifiers that you can match with the bookshelf speaker.

It offers an impactful lively, and energetic frequency reproduction. Many music lovers who choose this amplifier for their speaker are impressed with its crisp sound quality. Since this amp features an aluminum finish, it is a durable model. It also comes with controls that enable intuitive access to the vast routing options.

Audiolab 8300A has a very neutral sound and does not have unnecessary emphasis. This is an integrated amplifier that comes in a more stylish design than other models. The manufacturer also designed it to be versatile by including different features in this amp. Its streamlined components and ultra-efficient circuitry can make music sound better and give you a better listening experience.

It has an output of 75 W per channel and features a 300 VA toroidal transformer. This amp for the b&w 606 also comes with a remote that makes it easy to use. At the back part of the amplifier are line-level inputs such as the balanced XLR option. It also comes with different speaker outputs as well as a moving coil phono stage for records.

Thanks to the inclusion of a display, you can easily set up this amplifier and make different adjustments according to your preference. Most users reveal that this display is large and easy to read even when you are at a distance. Audiolab 8300A also has an impressive tonal balance. It does not add any unnatural color to the sound but instead renders tonal textures. The large-scale sound of this amplifier gives it an edge over other amps for the b&w 606 bookshelf speaker.

  • Ultra-efficient circuitry
  • It contains streamlined components
  • The amp is well built
  • It delivers a crisp and clean sound
  • This amp does not deliver the most engaging sound

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3. Cambridge Audio CXA81 – Powerful Audio Performance

If you have invested in the b&w 606 bookshelf speaker, you can enjoy your favorite tunes more by matching it with this amplifier. Cambridge Audio CXA81 is an award-winning model that offers just the right amount of power. It is also considered among the best amplifiers for this speaker since it comes with all the right features.

It contains ESS Sabre ES9016K2M DAC, which delivers superior performance. This amplifier also comes with USB input which can support audio of about 32 bit/384kHz. It includes space for at least two speakers, a headphone jack, a subwoofer, and preamp outputs. The amplifier also has a bold music presentation and offers more clarity to the sound. It has an output of 80 W per channel.

Thanks to the inclusion of the toroidal transformer, this amplifier delivers an even and low noise current free of distortion even when you turn it all the way up. The amplifier can handle both 4 ohm and 8-ohm speakers. It has complete authority over the b&w speaker and delivers dynamic shifts in the music. Whether you choose to play your favorite tunes at high or low volumes, you will enjoy how they sound with this amplifier.

It comes with an attractive digital board and has a cutting-edge converter. Since Cambridge Audio CXA81 has different connectivity options, it gives you the freedom of choice. It contains both digital coaxial and digital optical inputs. You should also expect stereo RCA inputs in this amplifier.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, this amplifier is equipped with Bluetooth capability. You can therefore stream music from a tablet, computer, or smartphone. Before this feature was added, one could only enjoy wireless connectivity through a separate dongle that came at an extra cost. Cambridge

Audio CXA81 is also equipped with aptX HD encoding that is meant to boost the audio quality of music as you stream from different devices. The manufacturer of Cambridge Audio CXA81 designs it to give you a thrilling and authentic sound experience.

  • Delivers pristine sound
  • Excellent build quality
  • It contains great output and input options
  • This amplifier is long-lasting
  • High cost

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4. Yamaha A-S701 – Versatile Option

Pairing the b&w 606 speaker with Yamaha A-S701 can help you enjoy a more entertaining music experience. This amplifier is among the best for the speaker since it offers a clean and transparent sound quality. The accuracy of this amp and the energy of the bookshelf speaker can bring a lively music presentation of your favorite jams. If you like lively sound reproduction, you should consider buying this amplifier for the speaker.

You can either choose this amplifier in black or silver. Many customers are impressed with the outstanding drive power of this amplifier. The integrated amp has both digital and analog inputs. Since it is constructed with high-quality parts, you can rely on this amplifier for a long time without the need to replace it. It also comes in a sophisticated design and has an aluminum-based front panel.

Yamaha A-S701 promises a power of 100 W per channel with low distortion. The manufacturer ensures that this model can minimize interference and distortion so that you can enjoy more listenable sound with fine details. The anti-resonance construction of this amplifier and symmetrical circuit layout also ensure that you can enjoy clear and clean music. Many users are also impressed with the high-quality components included in this amp for the b&w 606 speaker.

Since this amp comes with analog RCA inputs, it gives you the option of connecting a turntable. The inclusion of coaxial digital audio inputs also gives you the chance to connect video devices to this amp. Even if you have never used an amplifier with the b&w 606 speaker before you, you will find this model beginner-friendly. It comes with tone controls that can help you make different adjustments while listening to music.

The available loudness control can bring out more depth and detail as you listen to music at a low volume. This amp can cater to the needs of different music lovers. If, for instance, you prefer a purist approach while listening to your favorite tunes, you can bypass such controls and choose the Pure Direct mode. This model is designed to minimize signal degradation during use. Your purchase comes with a two-year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee.

  • It delivers quality sound without distortion
  • It comes with different inputs and output
  • This amp is Bluetooth-ready
  • Includes a remote control
  • The amp has a detachable power cord
  • Some users are not impressed with the plastic knobs

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5. Rega Brio – Space Saving

Rega is a popular hi-fi manufacturer that is known for creating valuable musical amplifiers for different speakers. If you want to get an amp for the b&w 606 speaker from this brand, you should pay attention to Rega Brio. This is a great integrated amp that can drive such a powerful speaker. If you don’t intend on building a digital/ analog system, you will not find this amplifier limiting. It contains some attractive redesigned features to give you an engaging and subtle sound.

Though this amplifier does not offer streaming support, it has an impressive phono stage that can pair with high-end turntables. It not only contains line-level inputs but also outputs for recording. Another thing that makes this amplifier among the best for b&w 606 is its excellent build. The manufacturer of this amplifier designs it with a circuit board layout. It also contains a swooped front panel that looks smart.

You will come across different buttons, red LEDs as well the volume dial on this amp. Most users report that the volume dial adjusts the level responsively. You will not have problems selecting the inputs whether you use the available remote or the front panel button since they are intuitive.

If you have limited space for an amplifier, you should consider Rega Brio since it comes in a space-saving design. This amp also contains a redesigned chassis made up of an aluminum case, making it a reliable model.

When it comes to sound, this amplifier does not disappoint. Its sense of rhythm is incredible, and the punchy dynamics make it worth considering. Once you invest in this amplifier for b&w 606, you can enjoy a more detailed and clearer sound. This amplifier is quite forgiving when paired with such speakers. It is designed to produce a richer and fuller sound.

Unfortunately, Rega Brio is not as powerful as some of the amplifiers that we have discussed. It has 50W per channel of power. Despite this, the amp can handle any song you throw at it without a lot of issues.

  • Rhythmic and agile presentation
  • Offers excellent headphone output
  • It is robust
  • The amp includes a remote control
  • It contains an elegant and minimalist display
  • It lacks digital inputs

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Buying Guide for the Best Amplifier for b&w 606 (2024)

If you are a music lover and have this speaker, you need to get the best amplifier for it. Choosing the right amplifier for this speaker is not an easy task, especially for the uninitiated. You, however, have to get the right one since choosing the wrong amplifier for the speaker can increase the risk of damaging this high-end equipment. For you to get the best amplifier for the b&w 606 speaker, consider the following.


This is the most crucial factor that you should be keen on. As you compare the different models we have discussed, you should first check the power rating of the b&w 606 speaker. You can find the power rating of your speaker on its label. Pay attention to the speaker’s continuous power rating since this indicates how much power it can handle over a certain period. A suitable amplifier should offer at least 1.5 times the power rating of this speaker. Paying attention to this can ensure that you enjoy the best sound quality once you pair the two.


Apart from power, you should also take impedance into account. This is the opposition that a circuit presents to the electrical current. Impendence is usually measured in ohms. The b&w 606 speaker will impede the electricity flow that an amplifier creates. Before you start looking for the right amp for this speaker, first check the impedance of the speaker. You should be able to find such technical specs on the company’s website or on the speaker’s label. You can pair a speaker with a high impedance with an amp that operates with a lower impedance.


Ensure that you also choose an amplifier for this speaker with extra headroom. Such an amp can ensure that only a clean signal gets to the speaker without distortion. The lack of sufficient headroom can make the gear clip.

Warranty and cost

As you compare different amplifiers for the b&w 606 speaker, you will find differences in their cost and warranty details. Ensure that you are working with a budget so that you can find an affordable amplifier. Even if you want to save some cash, do not forget to check its quality before paying for one. You should also find out the warranty that the manufacturer offers to assess if an amplifier is worth buying. Choose one that has an extended warranty so that you don’t incur more costs if it gets damaged fast.


What is the purpose of an amplifier?

This is an electric unit that can increase the signal. Once you get an amp for the b&w 606, the speaker will take this signal and convert it into sound energy.

Why should I match my b&w speaker with the right amp?

This can help you enjoy a clean and rich sound without distortion.

Is the B&W 606 a good speaker?

Yes. This is a high-end speaker that is loved for its excellent sound. It uses continuum cone driver technology which makes it superior among other models.


The hi-fi system is made up of an amplifier and speakers. If you have just bought the b&w speaker, you should find the right amplifier that can complete it. Your search will not be challenging if you compare the best amplifiers for b&w 606 that we have reviewed and check our buying guide. Also, consider hearing the amp and speaker connection together before paying for an amplifier.

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