Audiolab 8300a Review (2024)

Audiolab amplifiers offer balanced musical detail as well as punchy transient performance to boot and the 8300a is no different. Here is a detailed review to help you understand why.

The Audiolab 8300a amplifier combines a great outer build with superior component design and circuitry. This integrated amplifier is designed for powerful output while maintaining a sleek and simplified style for increased ease of use. I like a bit of clarity, quality and consistency of output in my sound, and the Audiolab 8300a exceeds a lot of my exceptions. If you’re interested in an integrated amplifier, here’s why the Audiolab 8300a will be a great choice for you.

Audiolab 8300a Review and Breakdown

As we’ve mentioned, the Audiolab 8300a is a modernized stereo amp that packs plenty of power. The stylish unit features a compact new design which follows Audiolab’s standard in aesthetics and principles. The simple silver build also features multiple streamlined components for an enhanced listening experience.

This model seeks to achieve versatile configuration in an easy-to-use display, which makes it very compatible with a variety of hi-fi systems. The amplifier can be used as a power amplifier, pre-amplifier, split-amplifier and integrated amplifier to meet different pairing needs. This makes it a suitable choice for enhanced audio on the go.

Alongside an easy-to-use interface and a variety of connectivity options, the Audiolab 8300a also offers a deeper and broader soundstage. This improves its performance with better detail on instruments and vocals presented in greater definition.

The Audiolab 8300a integrated amplifier will deliver a great listening experience across multiple interfaces. It is a powerful and crisp amplifier that is designed to integrate seamlessly with most hi-fi systems. This model looks to match the high listening standard of industry leading options while providing convenient compatibility for its users. It delivers a great performance while ensuring enhanced versatility and increased ease of use.

  • Plenty of power
  • Crisp and clean sound
  • Versatile range of features
  • Attractive build and finish
  • Sound might not be the most engaging

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Audiolab 8300a Specifications

ModelAudiolab 8300a
Design philosophy and coreDual Mono Power Amp
ControlsLogarithmic Ladder Volume
FinishFine Texture Aluminium
PhonoYes, MM and MC
InputsCD, Video, Aux 1 & 2, XLR, Phono & Turner
Outputs2 x RCA
Power amplifier section
Dimensions80mm x 444mm x 330.3mm
Inputs1 x RCA
OutputsSpeaker Binding Post Terminals
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Audiolab 8300a Features

Balanced inputs for low interference connection

The Audiolab 8300a amplifier features balanced XLR inputs alongside five line-level input options. They are matched to a compatible source to provide the highest level of resistance to any electrical interference in an attempt to provide the ultimate connection. This model will require minimal fuss when connecting to other interfaces for an enhanced listening experience.

Power/pre amp split versatility

While the model is very impressive in its own right, it also offers outstanding upgrade potential. It can be connected to high quality power amps or one of a range of pre-amp options. The model’s two pre-outs are also well suited for various other applications including recording and connection to an active subwoofer.

Design and build

The smooth new style of the Audiolab 8300a amplifier roots from a ground-up redesign of an already impressive line. This model features a recessed power switch and routed aluminium dials, as well as front and back panels for a lower risk of damage to dials. Like other Audiolab products, the casework and finish of the 8300a feel simple but solid. The streamlined components combine with a simple build for an attractive and easy to use integrated amplifier that will not stand out in your set-up.

A built-in phono stage

The Audiolab 8300a offers a built-in phono stage that enhances its compatibility with turntables. It accepts Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges which makes it a standout option for use with turntables. The phono stage is designed for minimal interference, which makes it well suited for connection to your recording deck.

Powerful output

This amplifier delivers a punchy 75-watt output per channel, which ensures it pushes even the loudest speakers to their optimal limits. It also features a high-quality toroidal transformer to deliver powerful dynamics and grunt, as well as ensure high efficiency of output with low noise.

Enhanced circuitry

The Audiolab 8300a features unique circuitry for both left and right channels, which reduces the risk of interference. The result of individual circuitry in the amplifier is improved stereo clarity and precise sound. The model’s circuitry guarantees lower risk of distortion with an enhanced inner layout which ensures the power supply and sensitive audio processors are placed far apart.

Who is it best suited for?

Having established its powerful output, as well as its increased compatibility with a variety of hi-fi systems, it goes without saying that the Audiolab 8300a would make a great acquisition for use on the go. It ensures users can enjoy crisp and clear output across a wide soundstage while remaining very easy to set up and use for multiple needs. The 8300a would be a great match for use in large spaces, making it an ideal accompaniment to parties and social events.

Are there alternatives to Audiolab 8300a?

Yes, it is possible to find alternative hi-fi amplifiers that features balanced XLR inputs, deliver a punchy output, and deliver a crisp clear output. In place of the Audiolab 8300a, you can use Cambridge audio CXA81 and the Audiolab 6000a.

Features of Alternative amplifiers

ModelCambridge Audio CXA81Audiolab 6000a
Output170 watts100 watts
Built in phonoYesYes
FeaturesSpecialized toroidal transformer, wired and wireless connectivity, streamlined controls, High quality ESS sabreStreamlined controls, efficiency optimized circuitry, convenient compatibility
AvailabilityCheck Price HereCheck Price Here

Verdict: So, should you buy the Audiolab 8300a?

Yes, you should. The Audiolab 8300a is designed for increased ease of use and compatibility with multiple systems. The integrated amplifier works quite well across multiple environments, and offers little complexity in its set up. It is designed for powerful output and increased convenience for most needs. While the technology keeps improving for integrated amplifiers, the Audiolab 8300a offers great value for different needs.


Will the amplifier work with 110V?

Yes, it will.

Do I need a second amplifier to bi-wire speakers?

No. Most capable speakers will bi-wire with this amp.

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