Arcam SA10 Review (2024)

As opposed to separating power amplifiers and audio amplifiers, integrated amplifiers contain both in a single unit. Check out this Arcam SA10 review for a modern integrated amplifier with great build and sound quality.

As one of Uk’s most famous and respected audio companies, Arcam prides itself in producing top quality high fidelity integrated amplifiers. The Arcam SA10 carries great expectations especially after being produced after their award winning Arcam a19 amplifier. The model is high integrity with low distortion type class A/B and has great promise over other competitors in terms of performance. Whether you are streaming from a computer or playing through a compact disc, this amplifier promises to deliver excellent performance.

Arcam SA10 Review and Breakdown

The Arcam SA10 is a high-definition audio integrated amplifier by Arcam. This amplifier spots 5 analogue inputs, one of which is a switchable input used for the in-built magnet phono stage movement while the other 4 are RCA terminals.

The model is fitted with a 3.5mm aux-in and a 2.3mm headphone socket for a quick-smart hook up when needed. At the rear of the Arcam SA10 are three digital inputs, two of which are SPDIF and one optical input terminal. The SPDIF leads to the amplifier’s 32 bit Sabre ESS9016K2M2 DAC. The DAC unit allows this model to work with high resolution high material.

You can integrate this system into your smartphone or tablet so as to control it through an app. The Sa10 offers users home automation control through RS232 ports and ethernet. However, the USB port on this device is only meant for upgrades. Arcam SA10 is a class a/b type amplifier with a 2 50 (into 8ohm) power which is enough for driving most powerful loudspeakers in the market.

With this amplifiers capabilities, there is no need to prioritise one music over the other. It has composure and ebullience that makes all musci sound good.

  • Efficient class a/b amplification
  • Full I/P controls
  • Has Bluetooth speakers
  • Does not have tone control
  • Analogue inputs have timing issues

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Arcam SA10 Specifications

Amplifier ModelArcam SA10
ChannelsTwo 50 watt channels
ClassA/B amplifier
digital audio inputs1 optical and 2 coaxial
Audio inputs3 stereo RCA
Weight18.5 lbs
Remote ControlRC004MCD
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Arcam SA10 Features

Build/ design

The Arcam SA10 has a soft appearance but with an industrial edge. Its chunky volume button is located on the far left of this integrated amplifier, with a 3.5mm headphone connection and aux just located right at the bottom left of this button.

It also has 5 analog inputs (including the aux) The other 4 are located at the back of the device. They include 4 RCA terminals one of which can be used for its built-in moving magnet phono stage.


The Arcam SA10 comes with plenty of convenient connectivity options. It has an optical toslink connector, three stereo analogue RCA inputs and two digital coaxial inputs. If you are a vinyl fan, you will find the dedicated phono input very useful for turntables that have moving magnet phono cartridges.

Sound and performance

Highly efficient integrated amplifiers are more than just sound speakers, they are meant to produce detailed and dynamic music. The Arcam SA10 is an efficient class A/B amplifier that allows users to hear every single note in the song.

The Arcam SA10 produces subtle pleasurable music with a subtle ambiance that makes it great to listen to. The amplifier is great for all kinds of music, it picks up innate nature of the beats and instruments in electronic, acoustic and any kind of music. With its great dynamic range, the Arcam SA10 can pick up both subtle and strong tones when you are listening to music.


This model is designed to deliver power when needed, producing a warping 50 watts per channel. It is designed with a high performance ESS9016K2M Sabre DAC. Together with the low noise floor, this feature helps reduce power budget in the long run.

Who is it best suited for?

If you are looking for a reasonably priced integrated amplifier to stream music for casual listening then the Arcam SA10 is the perfect device for you. As mentioned, the Arcam SA10 is a class A/B amplifier that allows its users to hear all notes of the song. It has a great dynamic range and can produce detailed, strong tones. Users can integrate this device into the home network and control the system using an app on their smartphone or tablet.

Are there alternatives to the Arcam SA10?

Yea, you can find alternative amplifiers to the Arcam SA10. It is possible to find integrated amplifiers that also combine style and performance to meet all your sound needs, produce detailed and dynamic music in high definition, and have impressive circuitry and input options. You can replace the Arcam SA10 with the Audiolab 6000a and Cambridge Audio CXA60 amplifier.

Features of alternative amplifier models

ModelArcam SA20Audiolab 6000aCambridge Audio CXA60 amplifier
Output180 watts100 watts80 watts
Advanced circuitryYesYesYes
Featuresbuilt in phono stage, home integrated digital amplifier, built-in moving magnet phono stage, low signal delay, Versatile Class G amplifierspecialized design and build MM phono stage, enhanced sound quality, convenient compatibilityDigital source flexibility, oversized toroidal transformer, convenient compatibility
AvailabilityCheck Price HereCheck Price HereCheck Price Here

Verdict: So, should you buy the Arcam SA10 ?

Yes, you should. The Arcam SA10 high fidelity amplifier features a combination of power amplifier and preamplifier to allow volume control, source switching and superior amplification. Its HDA range is also designed to give users years of quality listening experience. The model combines different features to ensure quality stereo separation, minimize interference and achieve depth musical sound stage.


Does the Arcam SA10 integrated amplifier have bass and treble controls?

No, the Arcam SA10 does not.

Does the Arcam SA10 integrated amp have tone control?

No, it does not. It operates on a natural default tone.

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