Alpine X-A90V Review (2024)

When you’re a music enthusiast and want to play music in multiple speakers at once, you need the most amazing power amplifier out there. And so, I’m here with this Alpine X-A90V review,

This power amp has got everything you can expect from a high-end device. It’s made with a sleek design, allows you to connect several devices without messing with the sound quality, and offers enhanced durability.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it actually exists. Well, I can see you’re dying to know more, so let’s get into that part right away.

Alpine X-A90V Review & Breakdown

When you’re spending a hefty amount of money on a power amp, you’ll expect high-quality output from it. In that case, this device won’t disappoint you in that.

Well, now it’s time to tell you every feature of this Alpine X-A90V 5-Channel density amplifier. Just scroll down, and by the end, you’ll be able to make the right decision without any hesitation.

Key Features
  • Comes with a sleek and compact design for better fitment
  • Buttons are located in a convenient spot to offer ease of use
  • The installation process is super easy; anyone can do it
  • Designed with higher power output to ensure top-quality sound
  • Allows you to connect multiple subwoofers and speakers
  • Sturdy build quality provides you with a long-lasting service

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Alpine X-A90V Specifications

Description Specifications
Dimensions (inches)15.75 x 15.75 x 15.75
Weight8.8 pounds
Number of Channels5
Fuse rating30A x 3
Bass Boost Frequency50 Hz
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Alpine X-A90V Features


If your amp is made with fragile construction and bulky design, you’ll never be able to use this thing in peace. Once you take a look at this, you’ll be uninspired. But this Alpine X-A90V is made with a super sleek and minimal design, which will go nicely with any car interior.

Build Quality

Moreover, its top-notch build quality will guarantee long-lasting service. If you hold it in your hand, you’ll immediately realize it’s heavy-duty built. So yes, when it comes to high-grade built and ergonomic design, this device gets top marks.

Class Type

It’s a Class D amp that will take your audio experience on top of the world. Thanks to this class, the amp will dissipate less heat, and the weight of the device will be convenient too.

Number of Channels

This amp is a 5-channel amp, which means that you can add several amps and subs to it. If you want, you can divide it between four 100 watt RMS channels for both front and rear speakers. And that’s enough for dancing with the whole neighborhood, don’t you think?

Additionally, it’s equipped with one 500 watt RMS channel. For this reason, you can easily add a subwoofer, and this amp will be 900 watts RMS.

Power Output

The Alpine X-A90V is known for ensuring top-quality sound in any condition. If you get an amp with higher power output, your music device will get more power. As a result, you’ll get to enjoy super loud music, and that’s the first reason for getting an amp in the first place.

To be honest, the Alpine X-A90V offers you a total of 900 RMS, which is excellent power output. And thanks to this, you’ll get to enjoy high-quality audio without any distortion.

Hence, if you’re craving for crystal clear sound no matter which type of music you’re playing, you can with this power amp without any hesitation.


One of the most remarkable facts about this amp is the ergonomics it offers. As it comes with a compact design, you can easily find all the ports and connect your devices to them pretty effortlessly.

Another great thing about this gadget is that all the necessary buttons are placed on the front side of the amp. This way, you can easily operate this thing, find all the buttons, and play it how you want. And that makes it worthy of your money, I believe.


Even though the installation process of any amp is pretty complicated, this Alpine X-A90V is not one of them. You can install this device quite effortlessly. Even if you’re not blessed with mechanical skills, you won’t need any professional help.

All you have to do is to follow the guidance on the owner’s manual, and you’re good to go.


If you compare it to other 5-channeled power amps, the price of this device belongs to the expensive range. However, the performance you’re getting from this amp is phenomenal. Thus, when you’re looking for a premium-grade audio experience, you won’t feel bad while spending that amount of money on it.

The sense of affordability varies from person to person, so this amp might be pricey for you, and others may get it pretty easily. But whatever your budget is, you’ll get an optimal experience from this one; there’s no doubt about that.


Yes, finally, we’re at the end of the Alpine X-A90V review! Well, this amp is a high-end one; hence, your experience with this one will be one of a kind. It’s sturdy, offers excellent functionality, and comes from a highly reputed brand. What else do we need?

However, some users may complain about the price tag, which I understand. But when you consider the features and service you’re getting, you won’t hesitate to spend that amount. After all, we can’t expect better service from cheap products, can we?


How many watts is a superb speaker?

No matter what type of music you enjoy, if you own 90dB speakers, a 200 watts device will ensure an optimal experience without any doubt. However, if you’re into soft notes, only 50 watts will be enough.

How many watts do you need for a subwoofer?

If you have a factory radio in your vehicle, getting 50-200 watts RMS will offer you an astonishingly powerful bass. On the other hand, you’ll need 200-300 watts RMS of power when you own an aftermarket device. Moreover, 250 to 500 watts of power will be great for an amplified speaker with 50 watts RMS for each channel.

More watts mean more bass — is that true?

Well, more power necessarily doesn’t mean more bass. However, it plays a little part in the bass enhancement; no one can deny that. Most importantly, it would help if you get properly designed speakers to enjoy high-quality music. The extra watts won’t be able to help that much.

How many amps do I need for my car audio system?

As you don’t want to make your car crowded, you’ll need just one amp for all the speakers. Therefore, always get a multi-channeled amp, which will make sure you’re listening to top-quality audio without any struggle.

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