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Music increases productivity, it helps relieve stress, it is heart-healthy and sentimental thus can stimulate some good old memories. But then what is music without a good instrument, welcome to AmpExpert your one-stop shop for all your concerns about tube amplifiers and their benefits to music production. Back in the day gentlemen used to serenade their beloved by playing music with their guitars under their windows.

The tradition has gained traction in modern times and has remained the classic way of showing love to your loved one. Tube amps are used with guitars to make music sound smooth, warm, and clean, they ensure that the music produced sounds richer. If you are, therefore, looking for an applause-worthy performance then you must invest in a good tube amp like the Solid State amplifiers that tend to be rugged when compared to the analog tube amps. The Solid State amplifiers turn on instantly and will offer the best performance without requiring any warm-up before use or cool-down after use.

The above doesn’t however, meant that the tube amp isn’t any good, on the contrary, tube amps are just as good and you only need to settle with one that has a good power rating. The amp shouldn’t be too high as it will restrict you from attaining the perfect tone and if it is too low then finding a clean headroom will be an uphill task. In most cases, the wattage is the primary determinant of whether your amp will suffice for a live performance or will remain locked up in your training room.

Amps are configured differently and there are so many aspects that must be put into consideration as you narrow down to the perfect stage unit. There are amps in the market that will furnish you with clear and sophisticated tones, are extremely versatile, and sport a great build quality. We also have others that have limited controls and low wattage; the likes of the Fender 68 custom Vibro champ suffice for home use or for the small audience live concerts. It retails at a budget-friendly price and you can use it with the drive pedals for superb sound distortion.

If you are looking to take your live performances to the next level then AmpExpert is here to guide you, we are dedicated to providing you with current and reliable information. More comprehensive information about tube amps can be accessed at AmpExpert.